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I believe that psychic ability is something we are all born with to some extent, but the ability to expand one's energy out over large distances to cover others remotely, and the ability to interpret and really understand the energies and messages one receives is what sets the talented psychic readers apart from others.

I've been developing my ability since I received my first deck of tarot from my grandmother at age 12, and I still use the same deck today as a way to confirm the messages I receive (the deck is heavy as a brick now from the years of use and energy). I've been reading professionally for over 25 years now, though this is not something I do as a full-time job. I do this in my free time because I NEED to expand and release psychic energy. If I go too long without it, I get very restless, so I have to admit that a lot of why I do this is for myself.

That being said, I care greatly for my clients and become emotionally invested in their plight due to my psychic sensitivity. Because of that, I am particular about the clients I take. If you come to me and are rude, demanding, and/or extremely draining on my energetic resources, I will disconnect immediately. I flat-out cannot read for people who throw a bunch of information and energy at me when I'm not yet ready to receive it, or who spent all their focus/energy thinking about and typing out their question before the reading, then just paste it in the chat box and send me zero energy along with it. So please be respectful and come to me prepared for a back-and-forth energy exchange up front, and remember that although we are behind screens, you are talking to an energetically sensitive human being.
Approach to Topics
The future is never set in stone. It is up to you to create your own destiny. I can tell you the path that you are on and where it is leading. If it is not going where you want it to, then I can give advice on how you can change it. There is no bad news; only news that there are changes that must be made.

I will often start by asking your first name and zodiac sign. Please give me that information if/when I ask for it, and not your date of birth (I don’t like to waste time calculating your age and sign from a string of numbers). I may also ask you to breathe deeply and focus on your question as I toss some cards for you and see what I can pick up. I can then tune in to the thoughts and feelings of others around you and tell you what your effect is on them, how they feel about you, and what their intentions are.

I will answer your questions with honesty and compassion, and I will help guide you to a more positive path if your current path is leading to an unfavorable outcome. Your destiny is in your own hands, and I believe the point in receiving a reading is not just to learn information but to help you mold the future into what you desire. Forewarned should mean forearmed.

Things I will NOT do:

~I will not lie to you. If I cannot or do not receive the answer to your question (and I cannot always answer all the questions I get), then I will tell you so outright.

~I will not tell you the date or time that an event will take place. The messages I receive do not come through on a calendar, so I cannot pinpoint dates and times or answer "when" questions. I typically only read out about 3-4 months though, as the farther out in time we look, the more variables there are that can change between now and then, so I find shorter-spanned readings to be more accurate.

Call with a specific question and at least 3 uninterrupted minutes available. If I get cut off/interrupted by the system within the first couple minutes while I'm still trying to connect to you and lay cards, then I lose my focus and can't perform the reading anyway, so there's no point in calling me at all with less time than 3 minutes already added.
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