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Are they your soulmate? Are they a twinflame or karmic flame? Should you stay or move on? Call me for answers.
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Destiny/Life Path
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Skills & Methods
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Like many people in this field I was aware of my abilities from a young age. I actually thought they were normal and that everyone was aware of their intuitive and psychic gifts.

I dove into spiritual teachings, meditation, tarot and astrology as a teenager in order to better understand myself and how I fit into the world at large.

People seemed to be drawn to me and would ask me questions and advice. This went on for many years.

There was a natural progression that included lots of specialized training from various masters in the field -- along with thousands of hours of practice.

I've been doing this work professionally for over 15 years now and am grateful that The Living Universe has placed me in this role.
Approach to Topics
I'm an expert with tarot/oracle cards. I read in the traditional predictive European style.

The cards will show the potential future if you continue on your present course of action.

However, you can definitely influence some events by changing your approach and by being careful not to get caught in a particular habit or pattern. In other words, aligning with your Highest Good as best you can.

Our egos don't like it -- but spiritual transformation is always the deeper purpose of every experience we undergo.

The cards reveal an "invisible" map of your situation. My goal is to support you in understanding any possible snags -- and showing you how best to take advantage of any beneficial opportunities.

Naturally gifted with clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience I also see, hear and feel messages when they are meant to come through. These abilities can give me extra insight into what the cards are saying.

I'm non-judgemental, caring and sensitive in my approach while being careful not to offer false hope. I want to support you with making enlightened decisions that allow you to feel more confident as you navigate your life situation.

I specialize in love and relationships, twin flame situations, career, manifesting more abundance and success.

My mission is for you to leave the reading feeling empowered and confident about your situation. You'll hopefully have some "aha" moments -- as well as having some of your own intuitive messages about your situation verified.

You were born to love and you are loved beyond measure.
Tapping into the power of The Universal Divine Mind can change your life.

In working with Spirit, I will help you to create more peace and abundance.
I do not sugar coat anything and I am not a "slot machine" psychic.
I will tell you what is in your highest good and read the energy around situations. You will still need to do the work in order to manifest change in your life

Leave the past behind and
look forward to a future in
happiness and peace of mind!!!
Call now!!!
1-800-ask-keen ext# 01842067

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