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Are you needing answers?... or maybe direction to what to do next. I am here for you and offer you an in depth reading to what is most questioning on your mind. I will also give you the tools to make the changes you may need.
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I have been a reader for over 3 decades and have helped many repair their relationships from hardly speaking to totally committed and loving...10 minutes with me can give you a lot of answers and solutions to problems... I also give free minutes often and especially to those who leave their rating.
I read using the Tarot your birth numbers and Astrology, which then gives you a bigger picture of things. Do you know where the planets are situated on any given moment can affect you depending on what is in your chart.

Maybe you are doing something you don't even realize that is causing the love of your life to retreat because their makeup and how they look at things is totally different to your own.
Readings are great but what if you have not got any idea of how to get to where the reading is saying you can be... Some of us are master sabotages and do not even realize it. If you are not in agreeance with what I am saying please tell me. Communication between us is what helps the best reading flow.
No point me saying I see this for you...If you have no idea how to get to that point. I am here to help you get what you want and avoid the obstacles that may stop you getting what you can in relationships and life in general.
Approach to Topics
To get the best out of your reading, it is best to be up front and honest with me. So if I ask you a question, it is not because I am digging for info...It is because I am making sure that I am on the right track and have picked up on the right energy. You need to remember I do dozens of readings a day and in a lot of cases, before you give me your name and DOB you are only a user name on a screen... Don't waste your money and my time by testing me or expecting me not to look at something in your past that often without you knowing is the cause of a muddled present. Knowing about the future is great... but will not be any help to you if you are not doing the things in the now to help create that which I envision for you.
And also know that I may say some things that you may not want to hear... please be open to listening cos I am not saying things for the sake of being mean... everything in reading is said to help you get the best from your situation. Your well being and success in achieving what you want is important to me.
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