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I am an experienced certified psychic medium who offers guidance and intuitive insight for one's highest and best good. I have over 16 years experience in readings, coaching and spiritual embodiment.
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I have been a psychic and an inuitive since I was a child. I receive insights and wisdom by working with Spirit in nature on a daily basis. I have trained in metaphysics and psychic Mediumship for well over 16 years.
I love supporting others journey to their inner heart of wisdom and bringing in loved one's from the other side to affirm the continuity of life. Trusting your process and heart is the way. I love to be of service.
Approach to Topics
I connect in with Spirit and work through our guides to have a clear aligned connection to Source. I tune in and receive images, symbols, sounds, music, smells, objects, and more to allow your loved one's and guides to provide insight and guidance. The information received is a channel to Source, I allow it to flow as it comes in and arrives. Having an open heart ready to hear the wisdom is important for a clear connection. I request that you are focused on our call, grounded in your body and in a calm and quiet space. Opening your heart and trusting the reading will bring you the insight and wisdom you need and desire is what allows it to flow.

Come with an open heart and mind ready to receive the wisdom you so desire.
I prefer a direct connection to Source and your loved ones or guides that want to come in through you.
I look forward to supporting your journey.
Please note: Some information may come to you hours, days or even weeks after our call. Being open to the signs, messages and insight on your path is the way to hear what wants to come through.
Blessings on your unique journey to the heart.
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