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Starr Charmaine
Starr Charmaine
Deeper insightful spirit focus on you...
10 minutes for $1.99
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Calling to give me a negative reading results in bad karma. I'm happy to re do a reading also allow ample time to connect with my spiritual guides to get the truth. Will never give quick readings...no 3 minute readings
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My background centers around my psychic intuitive gifts since childhood...
Very extensive creative background surrounds my youth growing up in a multidimensional
International setting
Good relations with all people from all cultures, genders, religions, races, nationalities...
Have many years in medical field, nursing, human relations and using positive knowledge to help others
BA in Psychology, Chemical Dependency...very understanding of others in all human
behaviors...can offer spirit guided advice but no professional advice....refer to licensed professionals.
I am here for your concerns to seek the spiritual answers of truth.
Call me with an open mind knowing you may not always like what spirit shows me for your benefit,
If you need to vent i will listen....but will not allow abusive, hurtful comments...
I am a divinely blessed vessel of the universe to be an instrument for positive energy to flow through me to see all around your quest.
I cannot take sides nor condescend upon anyone, am not political as universe already has the future planned out,.
Please allow more than three minutes for accuracy in a reading...
My affordable rate is here for your calls.
I am yet licensed clinician so cannot give medical or health related answers, no legal, financial planning, please....but can often see the final results in these areas
send good will to all and many blessings during the difficult times now and upcoming for your strength and well being.
licensed professionals ...no medical, legal or financial planning...
My latest offer is to offer you by background in Palmistry and Dream Analysis...
Call me for details...

Hope this is informative...and look forward to reading for you at your convenience...offer free minutes to regular
customers who have reading lasting over five minutes or longer.
blessings for success
Selena-Starr Charmaine
help themselves to a richer, fuller life
Psychic and Intuitive abilities are strong from youth to present
Background and study of Occult Sciences with emphasis on positive crafts.

Gifted childhood....it was uncanny how I knew things would happen before they did happen and how clear vision was in
seeing the events well in advance...
Grew up on peninsula of San Francisco, California and had a very interesting, exciting but structured childhood with focus on going forward
Have been raised very open to all people with acceptance whilel remaining true to my ideals and beliefs...
Medical background for over 20 years
degree in psychology
vast knowledge in the science of religion
Chose the Old Religion and am a universal spiritualist
positive ritual meditation
Focus on Inner Love and Self Empowerment
Voice sensitive-clairsentient
Intuitive sight-clairvoyance
Clair audient
Pet Sensitive
Dream Interpretation
There is more however this is a good start...

Approach to Topics

If you are not totally relaxed, feel anger, frustration, want to prove me wrong, rude or already knoiw your answers...do not call me...you aren't looking for a sincere reading...please have paper and pen to write down what you want to know...and time to connect with me for the answers...
Please call the professionals for medical, legal, or health related quest
My approach is to give you truth in a valuable reading

Please call the licensed professionals for medical, legal, financial advice...
Remember the reading is a forecast of the present and future often reveling past events, I tell you what spiritual energies show me
at the time...sometimes a reading will not manifest what was told, this may be to unseen changes or free will...so, have updates relatively often
My goal is to be your intuitive advisor with you in mind

Please have a pen and paper ready document your reading...also, relaxed upon calling me for reading...

Would love to take your important calls and chats...

Will not use up time with repetition or stalling, however, will never rush a reading...my insightful delivery will prove
and provide the insight surrounding your quest...in a timely fashion.

I refrain from taking sides in a difficult situation, will give you what angel guides reveal...and will offer advice
if my customer asks for it with positive guidance...never make decisions for my client, just show them what they
may not see at the time...

For you, I am here to reveal the truth...often it's not what one wants to hear, but it is something I must tell you...
Many times a reading will not make sense...I will seek the answers with free minutes offered to you to make sure
you get the accuracy you deserve...
My approach is for you to be happy with you and go with the most positive journey at hand...knowing what lies ahead...
with empowerment. Also, will encourage your manifestation of your desires, knowing you can get what you wish for, as
you deserve it...
love and light
Starr Charmaine

spirit guided, I see into your concerns with sincere sight, read intentions, motives and outcomes.
A reading is just a forecast of things, that show past influences, present, and what the future holds for you...unplanned changes, interferences, and free will can hinder or interfere with what is lying ahead for you..

present and to come, I see what you may not see...due to 'free will' readings can change...however, I can see the depth of intentions in love and affection, and will see beyond the image...
Write down your questions before a call which can save time in a reading.
am here for you to give intuitive sight, advice so, please treat me with respect as I will treat you the same, not judgmental, love and care for all of the universal god's children so don't hesitate to call me for the right answers, you will never hear me give my opinion, am not judgmental, open to all people everywhere that want true insight into their concerns or just want a detailed general reading to reveal future
energy surrounding areas of finances, social settings, home, relocating, love-casual and serious, work atmosphere, changes, partnerships-marriage or business, and questions abquestion and isn't definite about their feelingsareas of love and affection...I can see into each individuals feelings, intentions and motives but you will need to be ready for the answers...as I will never steer you wrong...
Hope we can connect and here for you.
Selena-Starr Charmaine
Endorsed Strengths
  • Helpful · 99+
  • Detailed · 99
  • Honest · 98
  • Kind · 98
  • Accurate · 86
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