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Tabitha True

262 readings since 2015
How Do They feel about me? Is it Over for Good?
I have read palms and Tarot over 20 years. I've helped hundreds of people get answers they were seeking Life, Love, Career, Working at Home, Starting a business, Travel, Meeting New People, Relocating, can all be challenging
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About Me
About Me
Is my Partner cheating? Why have I been ghosted? Will they return? Do they want their EX back? Will my side hustle turn into a career? Will moving to a new city be better for me? What is next for me in Romance, Career? Trying a new job or business?
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
Straight forward, Sage advice from over 20 years of Tarot and Palm interpretations. Infidelity, Reconciliation, Drama, How will it all unfold? Will you love again? Future predictions in love, career, relationships.
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