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A Real psychic reads minds gives timing. Soulmate or twin flames. LBGTQ friendly. Please read all feedback. Details, predictions, outcomes,POI thoughts, love, money TAROT listing read fdbk 77K. one of the best on KEEN.
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I have been helping people create a better life for over 30 years why not get a reading today and see what unfolds to assist you, all questions answered with integrity and compassion.

Is he or she THE ONE?
Are they seeing someone else?
What can I do to get this relationship back on track?
Will I get a new job?
When will I get a new job?
Will I be promoted or should I look elsewhere?
Will my financial outlook improve?
Should I change careers?
What careers or education are geared towards me?
What can I do to improve my life?
How can I attract the right one?

Sometimes life isn't easy, and we need to know when to break away from what no longer serves us well to open new doors for our happiness, other times we just need to change the energy around a situation to improve it, that's what Jane is here for to assist you in changing actions, words, behaviors to reach happiness daily.

The Universe waits to serve you, lets tap in and open the doors and work together! Call or chat now I am available for you.

I will never do any psychological harm and hurt you, I will only help you see the light and the way to a better future. I am not going to tell you what you want to hear, I am going to tell you what you need to hear to help you find your way into the light.
Approach to Topics
I am here to help you. I am here to guide you to make the choices in your life to bring you prosperity, peace, love and happiness. Together we can see what the future holds and create a better tomorrow for you. You will be shocked at what I see and what I know and how to transform your life.

Using the gifts I have as an empath, a psychic, and using all my abilities, energy and power we can keep you moving forward in the right direction, we can change our actions, our words and manifest our desires. A reading is more than what I see, it's about what you want and how to obtain it based on what is happening right now, let's change the energies at play and move your life in a more positive and gratifying position in all areas.

I can repair broken relationships, heal grieving, move on when we need to and get back on track, find new love and so much more.
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