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I love each soul and this is a "Gift that chose me" I indeed use it carefully and can ONLY give the truest most loving answers that are being "Given to me" It is my blessing to be of guidance. Clairvoyant -
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Blessings welcome to my site, It is my pleasure you have stopped by. I began having Premonitions at the age of Three Years old which
while living in Canada and everything I "Felt was for my Family was accurate. As I grew developed skills on my own only with the divine presence of "God's Gift" As to you that maybe called the "Universe" Or "Divine. I receive you with only the "Light" with This "Gift'" I was able to for see what was ahead good and not always "Good" events at such a young age yet when I "For saw" the effects were much milder. Yet with "Knowing" In advance I could navigate the situation, Knowing "God "had led me into many other's life's to by Seven years old "Help guide them in many areas some quite big areas at a young age. Later the "My elders" did tell me with my "Sight"
The "Fall was softer" As the events were big life events. I was beginning to "Chose" not to "Speak" Until my elders reinforced my innocent heart I did "Help" them. Thirty six years later . Here I am and The "Rise" has been just as beautiful to see my clients "Achieve" to see their dreams come to "Life" Again I see hear feel and connect all these senses into what clearly your life in front of my eyes I can not offer you the rest of your life in short 3 minutes. I DO look to "Hear us connecting" I love when Spirit is guiding me and such beautiful souls come to me with true "Need" for guidance. I will pick up on those around you sometimes even your animals. If I do they simply are present nearby. You want to know IF "They are the "One" I sometimes get interference and will tell you what I am felling 100 percent. WE have some eternal life partners and some "Lessons" Often when I feel your having the same lesson over I WILL see that and help you in redirecting your vibration directing the same energies always "Coming in" One that are no longer serving your frequency and "You" end up realizing
It's time for "Self Change" If you are open to hearing I will feel even your childhood without taking all your time. I will remind you of something you "Know" IF I feel this it is time to "Turn" That Chapters of your life path. You came to this Earth to feel the Spirit of happiness trials and tribulations may have come your way. Now is the time to "Get" through them or as well release the past not to hinder your future happiness and feel good about your life even your mistakes you feel 'you have made" Well,
there are no mistakes there are ladders to climb, knowledge to gain. wisdom to "receive" Things you may not see I see in front of you or even behind you. We want to ALL move forward into "Your dreams and desires" For your life's destiny is the key to your happiness. I am here to read you and what you desire to look and focus on as well to empower you to your greatest life. Love And Blessings As Always, Sophia
I am a Second Generation Clairvoyant. European Decent Blessing to my Grandmother and Mom that guided me to "Staying Grounded"
Clairvoyance, Clair essence, Clairsentience, Clair cognizance, Clairaudience messages
Approach to Topics
Professional and compassionate Accurate . I am gentle by nature yet strong in "Knowing" When You are headed on the wrong path. I can not do 7 minute readings . As I will give you deeper details about yourself and others. If you want speedy sessions probably I am not going to be for you. Regular clients yes one question I never answer "Yes Or No" I go into "Why" As most wish to understand . In this time "We Evolve " I am here as a guide and essentially help you on your path with Love.

Please Honor my senses of "Boundaries: If you're using "Online dating applications and have dated the "Person" 6 months or less. It's a world of quick romances - I choice not to see you "Get hurt or your hopes up. Love will happen naturally. It's a fast "Fix" Until you see its working and lasting. If I am reading multiple people your dating or "One" that after a few dates ignores you or takes "You" for granted which happens often. I personally do not judge yet I feel "The Rollercoaster" I will see this. We look for "Worth, Integrity, love, kindness and consistency" I will not put "Us" on this journey.
I have been on Keen 13 years to guide but never a soul astray I DO take your life and time seriously as I do my private clients. I will never be unkind but will embrace you with the explanation even if it's "Not" What you want to hear. We all want what's real. You are not a generic to me. Your questions dreams doubts fears anxiety and obstacles I will walk with you with messages floating through me. Sometimes names and dates I am a medium as well "Only the light shall come of one that's crossed to the other side" They chose me as a vessel to you" Spirit will gently tap me to have you "Remember" I do not call upon a loved "One's" They Chose to enter our session. I see hear and feel with love as that's "All I know is love"
What I can not do Is:
I can not tolerate demands with anger, rudeness as I can not read that energy . I understand no one comes to me when everything is great. Yet kindness is essential my abilities to gather insight is with a union of openness I See hear feel tune in like I am there with you. I go where you "Are" connecting in the most personal and sacred ways. A union of the "Souls" Connecting to help your relationships love, family, and friends. I DO know what they're "Thinking, Feeling" As well equally are important is this what your thinking and feeling. I feel it's imperative before "One reacts to "Negative" behavior the results are going to be the same in return" Breathe let's look at the "Truth" And in reflection "We're human so pouncing" back at others bad becomes toxic behavior I am there to guide you on the enlightened path to be "Better" than that. I am here to guide you gently as well embrace your sense of well being. " We are Spiritual Beings Having the "Human experience" I hope to be your Beacon of Light to a more evolved way of "Living" the Best Kind And Loving Life.
Love Sophia
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