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The Gypsy Rose
The Gypsy Rose
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Trusted, powerful reader. Highly advanced empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient and claircognizant. I feel and see your loved one's soul through immediate CLAIRVOYANCE. No tools. 4th generation Hungarian psychic. Truly caring!

I am a true Hungarian Psychic. I am a CLAIRVOYANT EMPATH and love using my natural gift to help people! My clairvoyant images come directly through the energy vibration of your voice and also from our connection. I am here to share with you my very vivid, clairvoyant images and sixth sense perceptions that come instantly and clearly to me. I speak only truth because higher vibrational information only comes only from a place of truth. I will always be honest, open minded and highly compassionate with you.

Dear friends, please prepare yourself before calling by having an open heart, taking some deep, slow breaths and releasing all negativity. Focus on what it is that you really seek to know. Higher vibrational information will come through more easily when I connect to your open and loving energy field. If you are angry or rushed, it can create blocks.

I'm a Professionally Certified Channel

My Guides and Angels assist me in answering your questions. I was also born with incredibly vivid psychic abilities and sensitivities. Those abilities include Clairsentience (clear feeling),Clairaudience (clear hearing),Claircognizance ( clear knowing), Clairvoyance (clear seeing) and Psychometry (receiving information from objects and pictures). I am also a Medium and receive communication from loved ones who have passed. I share with you images, emotions and feelings that I am receiving and channeled messages from my beloved guides and Archangels.

It's all about LOVE!

My strong psychic abilities have been enhanced with many years of study and practice, as well as intensive channeling instruction with a prominent channeling teacher in New Mexico. I'm a professionally certified Usui Reiki Master and have undergone many powerful and transformational attunements. My psychic abilities were greatly enhanced by having these Reiki attunements.

But something even more powerful happened to me which changed my life forever. In 2012, I went through a sudden illness that caused a loss of consciousness and then what is known as a near death experience. I no longer felt pain, just a soft sense of ease, and peace. It happened very gently and quickly. I remember feeling like I was floating, feeling weightless and of being carried in the arms of an angel. I saw three distinct visions of my recent life and in a fraction of a second. I felt myself awakening to the pain once again, realizing that I had chosen to return to make a difference. It was after this experience that my already intense psychic abilities were raised to an even finer frequency that now comes instantly and effortlessly.

It is my sincere desire to be able to help you to better understand issues that trouble you and lead you into a dimension of experiencing more peace and love in your life. The kind of love that I felt when I was beyond this existence for that brief period in time. Love is all that we take with us when we leave.
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