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The Intuitive Healer
The Intuitive Healer
Back on Keen!~*~Spiritual Healer and Life Designer
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*Empathic Guider *Intuitive Healer *Empowerment Love Advisor. ~*~Answers provide comfort ... even if it's just knowing the truth~*~
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Fast and Detailed Answers with Every Reading ~*~

If you need answers and guidance, you're where you need to be. I'm a Spiritual Clairvoyant Empath. I connect with divine energy to give you answers and guidance. I've been intuitive since birth and also receive clairvoyant images and visions. I fully embrace and trust the information I receive allowing me to quickly give you answers. If you're looking for understanding, clarity, and direction, let me help you. I'm here to connect with your energy and bring answers that will help move your life forward, whether it's with the person in your life now, or another energy in your future.

~ Please come open to our reading, as the truth can be enlightening but also sensitive and deep at times ~*~

Clairvoyant, Spiritual Advisor.
From an early age, I've been strongly connected to intuition and the divine world. I've been given clear visions and answers for many years and my service to myself and the universe is to give connection and clarity to others. After graduating with a degree in Cultural Anthropology and working side by side with a world renowned psychic medium, I've dedicated my life purpose to connecting and empowering people from all over the world. Let me help bring clarity and understanding into you mind and your heart.

I'm grateful to be living my purpose helping others connect to their soul and life paths. My readings come from a compassionate space. Always confidential and empowering. I'm here to give you guidance towards your highest and greatest good. Even if the answers are difficult to hear, I connect with Divine Energy to help you move through the difficult space. I'm here for you ~*~

Love and Light ~*~

Approach to Topics

Positive I Empowering I Honest

I connect to the divine energies surrounding you and give you answers and guidance that is intended for you. I'm honest, straightforward, compassionate and ready to help enhance your love and relationships. When I connect with you, we ask the questions, receive the answers and with the information given I offer insight and direction to live your best self.

All questions are worth asking and are always accepted without judgement~*~

Uncertainty leaves doubt in your heart. Answers provide comfort...even if it's just knowing the truth.
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