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The Mystic Wave
The Mystic Wave
Advice/Guidance/Healing for Love & Relationships
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Natural born Psychic/Empath and Spiritualist. 25 years professional experience! Offering sound advice and guidance in Love/Relationship issues and any other concerns one may have in life.
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Skills & Methods
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I am a Universal Energy/Vibrational Reader and a natural born Psychic/Clairvoyant, Empath, Spiritualist & Sensitive, as well as possessing other gifted psychic abilities. I've been offering readings professionally for over two decades. I have been blessed with a natural born gift of healing the soul and, with this gift, I have also healed many relationships meant to be.

Approach to Topics
I offer answers, advice and guidance pertaining to relationship issues, including any and all other concerns that one may have in life.

Please understand that I am a Universal Energy/Vibrational Reader, a natural born Psychic/Clairvoyant, Empath, Spiritualist & Sensitive, as well as possessing other gifted psychic abilities. Thus, my Readings are based on ENERGY exchange, my psychic abilities, as well as using TAROT as a tool to help pull in more Energy. I do not offer exact timeframes as Energy shifts constantly.

Preparation: I ask that you please be specific in your questions and that you are in a quiet environment when you call me, as I am most sensitive to noise and I do not wish to misinterpret the Energy/Vibration received during your reading.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ENERGY simply CANNOT be rushed, if so, the Energy can be misinterpreted. As an Energy/Vibrational Reader, please understand that it takes more than just a second or two for me to pick up on such an Energy exchange - thus, I ask that you please allow at least 5-10 minutes in order to receive a fairly accurate reading and I will always do my very best to offer same. Also, I do NOT leave anyone confused or wondering in a reading - if by chance you are, all you need to do is share with me at the time of your reading, or you may send me an email immediately after your reading so that I can offer you clarification. If I cannot address your concerns via email, I will offer you free minutes so that you can call me back in order to put your heart and mind at ease.

Please also understand that I am NOT a gypsy fortune teller. I do NOT offer you predictions, as we all have free-will and life changes in less than a heartbeat, but what I share with you can most definitely come to pass based on your will-power/determination and guidance offered to you by the Universe. I simply ask that you please be open to receive any all such information that I share with you and to allow me the proper time in which to do so.

I will never dictate to you what you must do in a relationship, as that is between you and your mate. I will, however, always tell you where your relationship stands, offering you Universal guidance.

Please know that I speak from the heart and the truth of my being, always in Love and Light!

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Bright Blessings.
The Mystic Wave
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