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An Empath that finds joy in helping those who need her to listen. Old, new, or ending, I want to help with your relationship. A younger listener who will give modern advice while maintaining a safe space for all.
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I'm an empath. I feel a warmth in my chest when speaking and interacting with others. I realized around the age of 11 that I was unlike my peers. I cried when my friends cried, I was emotionally sensitive to the pain and feelings of people. I often even found myself being drained and used by others because of my nature to want to always help. After some guidance from a librarian I was close with, I read up on my seemingly out of control emotions. I found that nothing was wrong with me really, I just was emotionally inclined. This discovery explained why I could just tell when others needed a nice good morning text or a call from me without any hints. My friends are often shocked when I reach out just when they need me. I want to help others, I want to use my power to make a difference. If you have any more questions feel free to communicate with me via messages!
Approach to Topics
Hey there, I am new but I'll explain my intentions clearly. Although I am younger, I feel my advice will be more helpful because I am in tune with the romantic climate and dating of 2019.
I am a senior in college that has always touched the lives of others around me. People often are messaging and calling me for love and relationship advice.Common feedback I have gotten is that I was helpful, honest, accurate, understanding, and such a good listener. I am emotionally intelligent, and able to become unbiased when processing a situation. I want to hear your worries/fears, your hopes/dreams, how others have hurt you, and I want to help guide your healing. But I also, want to give honest feedback that could also help you handle a situation better. Whether its something new you're excited about or something ending thats hurtful I am here to listen. We can discuss intentions, moods, changes, and anxieties together. I am also bisexual so please know that my call line is a safe space to discuss your orientation.
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