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Melanie will help you find Validation & Truth into your love life! She can help you understand the deep connections you feel with others, the purpose, & why you are connected. Manifesting Love into your life! Rate $9.58
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Melanie has always been a seeker of magic, protection and insight. She is gifted with the ability to hear and feel your insights from the Universe through her intuitive empathy. She connects to your past lives, spirit, and the Universal Source.

Melanie can look deep within the human soul and see what truth lies beneath. She sees the simplicity in life and feels honored to share her knowledge with whomever seeks insight. She can help you find your true place in this world. She can help you find solutions with practical manifesting, intuition, patience, dedication, and commitment. Melanie can help you understand the nature of others and their motives within your life.

She believes the nature of real magic is to believe in yourself. She can help you find inner validation and a new spiritual chapter or path within your life. The wisdom of the spiritual world and physical world together can help you along your life path. Melanie has dedicated herself to the study of metaphysics for over 30 years. She will forever be a student so she can be a wiser teacher.

On Keen since 2005! Melanie’s life has become a mission to help people understand who they are and why things happen. She has been working as an Intuitive Psychic for over 30 Years. With her gifts, she has helped thousands of people through difficult times and situations. She use the Tarot with a combination of Psychic intuition to conduct your reading. She will give you intuitive tools to help manifest your desires. Melanie’s readings will offer you solutions for improving your situations and decision making.

Approach to Topics
Her timelines may be exact or within a time frame. She offers intuitive guidance from spirit, or your higher self, to bring your desires into reach. It is up to you to have trust in the information received and to work with it. She will not sugar coat a situation or tell you what you want to hear! Melanie tells you what she foresees. Be ready for the truth!

With an open heart and mind, Melanie can guide you toward growth and healing in all aspects of your life. No question is stupid or too small to be asked. She will answer whatever it is you need insight in. Melanie is extremely intuitive and can help you discover or rediscover your life's path. She is very straight to the point with the messages she receives for you.

Remember!!! You may not always be ready to hear the truth in a reading so be open to the Insight and healing given.

Melanie connects through your Energy and Spirit, so try to stay focused and have your questions written down before your reading. All she asks from you is to be open, calm, and truthful when contacting her. The messages she receives will be solutions and answers to your questions, so take notes during your reading. You must be open to change and making efforts in your life to manifest what it is you want. Nothing is set in stone; therefore, change can always occur…

Endorsed Strengths
  • Honest · 99+
  • Helpful · 99+
  • Detailed · 99+
  • Kind · 99+
  • Accurate · 99+
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