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Visions of Quietsound
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Allow me to tap in to what your lover is thinking about you or feeling. Allow me to help you unscramble the mess or unsettling feelings that you are feeling. I give honest answers with respect and understanding.
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.My journey began at the age of 6 when I met my first Spiritual Guide Raymond and learned of my future when I got a little older and by the age of 12, I began to hear and experience voices from deceased loved ones who crossed over to the other side and was able to astonish friends and family of my amazing gifts of relay.

Over the years my gifts grew and expanded to where I was able to hear not just my guides' but guides of the people around me as well as seeing and getting messages from deceased loved ones. I found as well that I was surrounded by those that were "gifted" and believe me back in the 60's and 70's this subject was "taboo" and kept silent. My gifts at age 58 have grown beyond belief and have experienced so many different levels of existence that I cannot go into all since there would not be enough space on here to do so.

I have read privately and publicly for the past 50 years through a process called “relay”. I am able to hear my own spirit guides who find the answers that you are seeking from your own spiritual guides and am able to give you the names of the ones who relay the message. I can ask them any question that you wish as long as it does not have to do with pregnancy, children, health, or anything having to do with the law. You must be at least 18yrs old to receive a reading from me. My guides will give time frames of when things are predicted to happen, however this is not on an accuracy rate of 100 percent as no living creature on this planet has that ability. Readings are for entertainment purposes and you have the ability to change the outcomes of future so nothing here is etched in stone.

Approach to Topics
Do you need answers? I am able to hear the voices of spiritual guides and angels who relay messages about you and your love and relationship situations to me. I am able to tell you what someone feels about you as well as initials of new loves coming into your life and when. I am a no nonsense reader who tells it like it is which means that I does not sugarcoat in my readings.

There are times in our lives when we feel forced to make choices and changes. When these times arise, how can we know whether we are doing the right thing? How can we tell if what we are led to do is really Spirits' guidance? We "listen" ! Before we make a choice or leap into a sudden change, we need to mentally take a step back and through prayer and meditation, we listen to what Spirit guides us to do.
Please allow me the opportunity to help you along life's journey. I am a Psychic/Spiritual Counselor/Love & Relationship Adviser who is willing and able to listen to your worries, fears, problems, anxieties, and concerns. I can lend assistance to you and give you professional and expert advice. I have over 30 years of Professional experience and excellent customer service skills. I am considered a people person who honors confidentiality with all matters that are discussed! If you feel more comfortable with an email reading I do them!

Please feel free to stop by any time since I am available to you when you need my assistance. May you find true peace and serenity

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