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Vivian Baldwin
As a No Tools Clairvoyant with the additional gift of Remote Viewing, Vivian uses both exceptional gifts together that will blow you away with Fast Detailed Accuracy in Love and Relationships. Find Out Now!!!
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Skills & Methods
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Remote Viewing
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I have been Remote Viewing with Psychic Abilities all of my life, I just did not know everyone could not do this until my late teens when I began to talk about it. I am a Psychic Medium as well as a Remote Viewer in which I can truly see your Past, Present and Future. I have been honored to work with law enforcement on Missing Persons Cases and Remote Viewing Cases from the Prestigious Monroe Institute recognized world wide for it's RV applications. I am Clairvoyant, as well as a Psychic Medium and Empath. I am highly qualified and I do indeed have significant experience in this realm.
Approach to Topics
Vivian gives Names, Dates, Descriptions & time frames with Uncanny Insight. As a No Tools Clairvoyant with the additional gift of Remote Viewing, she uses both tools together that will blow you away w/ Accuracy! Be Wow'd!!!
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