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White Angelica
White Angelica
Clairvoyant, Psychic Empathy.Accurate Clarity!
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Knowledge is Power! Highly Accurate Clairvoyant I see the future remote viewing.visions. Clairsentience I feel emotions, energy of another. Claircognizance Intuitive i just know. Clairaudience, I hear your answers angels.
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Destiny/Life Path
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Skills & Methods
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Remote Viewing

White Angelica is a natural born Clairvoyant, Gifted Clairsentience. Feels energy, know their thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Clairaudience, hears angels and just know intuitively future events.


Works with divine energy, angels, and spirit guides to connect quickly & accurately! Sees the future remote viewing.visions.

I can use tools upon request.

I discovered my gifts at a early age. I just knew things. I am gifted and a double trinity. My clients are from all walks of life and I have over 12 thousand 5* star reviews certifying my authenticity and years of experience helping others on their journey.

Life experiences has brought me wisdom, and compassion.

I have a extensive financial background and understanding of complex business questions. I can help you with career questions.

I have a love of metaphysical arts, and helping others! I can offer several methods of divination to give you a accurate forecast of future events, and how they will affect your journey. I'll help you be the best version of yourself! Life Coaching!

I will only tell you the truth. I'm direct, fast, honest and, compassionate. I care and my energy will feel like you're speaking with a old friend or soul sister.

I automatically connect to your questions and person of interest. I sense, feel thoughts and energy. A common question is what is he/she feeling, thinking. I can help you.

I teach affirmations and help you manifest your desires!

Thoughts are powerful and I will help you change the energy and manifest your desires.

My gifts are God given. I can help you on your journey to find the love, and the happiness that you desire! It's never too late to fix it! Let me help you find your answers, and give you the tools to manifest the love you desire! Or help you heal if it’s not your true path.

Try a true multi dimensional psychic reading today! Get the love healing and happiness you desire, and true clarity! I’m here to help and it’s a honor to do so.

Love & Light,
Angelica m
Approach to Topics
I will ask you your name, and date of birth, and anyone you wish me to connect with. I will tell you the truth. If I see something that you might not want to hear I am loving and caring. I will deliver the truth with love. Knowing that you are meant for greatness!! Timing is subjective because of free will. I give a range. Have your questions ready, and be in a place of calm.I WILL help you find the answers to your questions, and help you manifest the love you desire! & deserve! Let me help elevate your thoughts and energy!

All readings are for
entertainment purposes only. No questions are turned away except legal question and medical advice including pregnancy. Please seek a licensed professional in the field to answer any legal or medical questions. Per Keen terms of service agreement.

Love & Light!
Endorsed Strengths
  • Helpful · 75
  • Kind · 75
  • Detailed · 74
  • Honest · 72
  • Accurate · 66
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