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Clear, intuitive reads without the BS. Please allow at least 6 mins for an actual reading , I cannot do drive-through reads. I strongly recommend reading my profile beforehand, because there's stuff I cannot read on. Thanks!
I've been a reader for close to 20 years. I have been an empath since I was young child. I am Egyptian by birth, raised in the UK and the US, and was orginally raised by my grandmother who was also an empath and an intuitive.
When I was 5 years old, I began having vivid dreams, and would tell my grandmother about them since she was often in the dreams. Years later she told me and I realized that I was sharing her dreams, was a witness in them. This has happened to me frequently with my own siblings and loved ones. It's not only dreams, but an absolute certainty of being able to connect to others while feeling/experiencing their states. I believe in empowerment. I go by that certainty and it's never steered me wrong.
Approach to Topics
I do NOT do "drive through" reads. If you're wanting to know about contact timing or wanting to do some kind of fast reassurance bandaid type read, I am not your reader.
I generally do not read cards and do not use tools unless asked - I read energy, pure and simply. Energy is like water - it needs to keep moving - and when it flows, it's readable. When it doesn't - when there's been no action, no movement, or when you are closed off, then reading becomes almost impossible. People aren't always open to truth or directness. Truth can be like biting into a crisp apple - the flavors and textures of it explode in your mouth, tingling your jawline. But truth can sometimes have too much "bite", too much hardness. Not everyone calls for truth, but for comfort.
Do you know what you want?
Readings can sometimes be like exploring a haunted house... all the untapped emotions and abandoned truths lie dormant and dusty and quiet, sometimes waiting to be touched and awakened. Once you wake them up, they are not quiet anymore.
For some, this is welcome. For others, it's an annoyance and inconvenience.
Know what you want. Ask about it directly. The more direct and specific you are, the more detail you will get in your reading. Be vague and you will receive it back. Readings are a reflection of your internal state. Sometimes there's something there at the back of it all trying to get through to help *you* get through.
Help it by being open.
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