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Zena Grace

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578 readings since 2020
5 minutes for $1
`* Honest advice in your connection! `*
`* Helping you understand the answers you already have! `* Welcome! I read tarot to help you decipher the answers you already have within. Everyone is intuitive, but we all need a little clarity sometimes :)
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About Me
About Me
I have been empathic (an ability of feeling the emotions of others) since I was a little girl, and always sensed, saw, and knew things that those around me could not. I have grown so much by going down this spiritual path, and I have let go of
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
Having your first name will help me connect to your energy more accurately, and having your question ready will ensure I can better assist you in a timely manner. I am honest yet kind, and I always advise to trust your intuition as well. If you have