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Numerology.... Your life story and the life you are meant to live. Can be told by using your DOB, Name as it appears on your birth certificate and your current name. This Reading/Report includes Life Path and so much more!
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Destiny/Life Path
General Readings
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I grew up in a small town knowing there was so much move to life then the typical person could see or feel.

Having seen spirits and hearing voices since a child I started to explore life from a Spiritual point of view.

Life has led me to experience many things, but always in Gods timing.

Introduced to Numerology well over 25 years ago. Many, including myself now have an understanding for my experiences and divine timing. Thru Numerology, many have found it to offer a great explanation for the life they have already experienced.

Numerology has become a great tool for many, especially when it comes to making choices and decisions. Numerology can help you to be prepared for the potential Year, Month and weeks ahead. To include potential challenges .... intended for personal growth and development.

Years ago, I met a couple who both owned homes prior to their meeting. Numerology predicted when their individual houses would sell, aiding them in knowing when the timing would be right to purchase their new home together.
Approach to Topics
When you call, we will collect the necessary data in order for me to calculate this 60 plus page story of your life.

Example of what is included in your Story!
Your Life Path-Destiny
Your Birthday,
Your Expression,
Your Minor Expression
Your Heart's Desire,
Your Minor Heart's Desire
Your Personality
Your Maturity
Your Hidden Passion
Your Plane of Expression Physical
Your Plane of Expression Mental
Your Plane of Expression Emotional
Your Plane of Expression Intuitive
Your Balance
Your Rational Thought
Your Cornerstone
Your Subconscious Self
Your First Challenge
Your Second Challenge
Your Third Challenge
Your Fourth Challenge
Your First Pinnacle (from birth until age 28)
Your Second Pinnacle (from age 29 until age 37)
Your Third Pinnacle (from age 38 until age 46)
Your Fourth Pinnacle (from age 47)
Your First Cycle (from birth until age 28)
Your Second Cycle (from age 29 until age 55)
Your Third and last Cycle (from age 56)
Your Physical Transit for age 62
Your Physical Transit for age 63
Your Physical Transit for age 64
Your Mental Transit for age 62
Your Mental Transit for age 63
Your Mental Transit for age 64

I will then email this to you as a pay to view document thru Keen. From there you can save it to your device and print it off. Average reading 60 plus pages in length. Only $60.00.

These readings / reports - story of your life make great gifts.

You can order them anytime for your friends, all you need is their Birth data etc. as described above.

May your day always be blessed with love, patience and the spirit to grow.

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