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NEW CATEGORY l specialize in numbers, energy work, love, relationships. Let my angels guide you why you are seeing numbers come up. Let my abilities give direct answers. Sale rate today. 4.9 rating in Love & Relationships
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Now I have been on a quest for the last decade to discover the truth the universe wants me to see and help others find their spiritual path as well. Allow me to help you find what you seek and answer questions about your loves and relationships and you wont be disappointed. God has sent me on a path for the last 10 years for discovering the truth and i always learn something new everyday. I have been awake for the last 15 years and have helped many people find there way over that time. I have alot of knowledge on alternative news, meditation and have studied some shaman ceremonies, and energy work. Both sending energy to people and plants. I can do Taroh readings but you need to let me know as most prefer the quicker method of getting answers from my angels. Taroh can help with deeper questions and insight. Let me get messages for you from the creator source that you need to hear.
Approach to Topics
Tell me the numbers you are seeing? I use a combination of my angels, intuition and knowlegde of numbers and energy coming thru. It takes a few minutes to connect to your energy, sometimes they give me instantaneous answers as you are speaking or chatting. I use my special gifts and my own experiences. Please remember every advisor does things differently and i use the tools that work best for me and my angels to get the messages across. Please explain your full situation and question when calling as it helps my angels connect to your energy and the answers you seek. My mother and grandmother are of irish descent and that is where my gifts come from. Sionna is a Celtic Goddess of Rivers. Her name means "Possessor of Wisdom." I will give the advice from my angels and angels direct me for your best outcome with alignment with the universe for your situation and needs. Let me help you with business advice, love, divorce or everday life experiences. I use energy work, my past away mother helps me and is one of my angels that sends messages for people. Thats why my mothers gifts are so strong in me. My angels tell me my mission is ..."It is your mission to WEAVE LIGHT INTO THIS DARKNESS, each in your own particular and wonderful and unique way, so that BREATHING SPACES MAY OPEN UP AND PROVIDE RELIEF. As you walk through your present areas of business and daily routine, remember that you hold this important LIGHT-BEARING POSITION. You will have an impact WHEREVER YOU GO, so CHOOSE YOUR DESTINATIONS WELL for greater impact" And remember any reading has free choice and you can change your situation and the outcome. My angels just give you the most likely outcome for the path you are presently on, so if you choose a different path then you will get a different outcome.
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