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Tarot Readings by April
Numerology and Tarot combine for a fascinating picture of your soul's journey. Find out which Tarot trumps have special significance in your life. Proud Keen advisor since 2005
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Destiny/Life Path
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Spirit Guides
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Skills & Methods
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Astrology - Western
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Dream Exploration
I have been studying and reading Tarot, runes, astrology and other divination methods since 1995 and have been a proud Keen advisor since 2005. I now live in Hong Kong but spent the majority of my career in Chicago where I read for events and private clients, ran the Chicago Tarot Club, and taught a popular Tarot course.

We have a new baby at our house, and I may not be as readily available, so please inquire about scheduling an appointment or readings via email.
Approach to Topics
Based on your date of birth, this fun and informative report combines Tarot and numerology to find the Major Arcana cards that have special significance for this life and your soul's journey. Like your natal chart these cards stay with you from birth. Together they paint your personal Tarot portrait, and though they will be helpful in navigating relationships and careers throughout your life, this report is not designed to answer specific questions in the present. Use them for magic, meditation, and whenever you need extra energy to complete a project.

Your Life Card talks about this incarnation and the lessons to be learned this time around. Also known as your birth card or personality card, this card represents how you interact with the world and how others might perceive you.

Your Soul Card discusses the themes that travel with you from past lives into this one and the next. This card describes your more secret self and hidden motives.

Your Talent Card describes special skills that will help you achieve success

Finally, one archetype acts as your guide through 2020 and your theme for the year. We can also calculate this card for last year, next year, and any significant year you’d like. Everyone wants to be prepared for the coming year, but it is also important to reflect on the one you came from.

Chat now to discuss each of your Tarot Birthday cards with a Tarot expert. Please set aside at least 15 minutes for your reading, and though Keen will save our reading, I urge you to take your own notes. This report is also available via email.

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