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Intuitive SilentMoon
Intuitive SilentMoon
Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant
10 minutes for $1.99
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This listing is for people who need to work done. Offering consultation and spellcasting services. Return lovers, find new love, make them want you...
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Skills & Methods
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- Reader & Worker online for 9 years
- Grounded; Down-to-Earth
- Highly Intuitive
- Psychic
- Gifted Medium
- Fast typist! Get your money's worth!
- Works with Orisha, lwa, saints, angels, and ancestral entities.
- LGBTQIA+ Friendly!
- Poly friendly!
Approach to Topics
For the smoothest transaction, please send me an email over Keen where we can set up your spell. If done by chat, you will be charged my consultation fee by the minute. I do not answer questions, I am here to work with the Spirits and the energies of the earth to help solve problems.

I specialize in love spells that include but aren't limited to:
- Finding new love
- Soothing a relationship
- Halting Infedelity
- Initiating a breakup

I also work on Road Openers to help clear your blocks.

Just because you don't see it doesn't mean I can't help with it. Let's talk first and move on from there. :)

As a practitioner of Vodou, we do not subscribe to the ideas of "white" or "black" magic. All magic is pure until your intentions are applied to them. Make your peace with and be true with your desires so that you can get what you want in this world.

Rates vary, and I can work with every budget. For Keen, I charge by the night that I spend casting spells. Note that I do not cast on Saturday or Sunday.

1 Night of Work - $21
3 Nights of Work - $45
5 Nights of Work - $75
7 Nights of Work - $91
9 Nights of Work - $117
13 Nights of Work - $143
21 Nights of Work - $231

The longer the ritual, the more powerful the spell. Not all rituals need many nights. Many times, a little bit can go a long way.

Your spell is worked and charged upon my private work altar. On the final night, the petition, charged, prayed and chanted over, and invoked by spirit, is burned to send those energies where they need to go.

You will be followed up with the ritual's results and anything of note, and will be asked to keep me posted on any changes. All spells include a road opener ritual to clear the path, and one free night of work in case nothing is moving along or something has interfered.

If that sounds good to you, send me an email via Keen, or chat with me for a live reading to see whether or not a spell would be good for your situation. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn't!
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