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Shamanic Visions by Sundance
Shamanic Visions by Sundance
"End of the Trail" Shamanic Spirit Guide
10 minutes for $1.99
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Massive experience in "Otherworldly" matters! When you're at the "End of the Trail" you need POWERFUL, ACCURATE INSIGHTS and DIRECTION designed to RESTORE your INNER-PEACE and HAPPINESS! CALL ME! 30+ yrs exp!
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Taŋyáŋ yahí! (Welcome!)

Wi Wachipi emáčiyapi! (My name is Sundance.)

Throughout the course of my life's work, I've had the privilege to oversee and witness thousands of amazing personal transformations as they've unfolded! Many of my clients have shared that they felt more had been accomplished in just one session with me than they'd ever experienced in a year's worth of therapy or personal growth programs!

Seekers reach out to me for a variety of reasons, ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary. As an "Inner-dimensional Shamanic Spirit Guide", I'm trained to address ALL areas of a person's life and am able to safely guide others out of the wilderness and back on the trail that leads to their inner peace and happiness!

Brief Summary of My Credentials & Experiences:

01. Sweat lodge leader
02. Vision Quest Guide
03. Animal Communicator & Whisperer
04. Psychic Medium (Pets, People, Angels & Spirit Guides)
05. Remote Viewer
06. Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Telepath, etc.
07. Relationship Restoration Specialist
08. "End of the Trail" Grief Recovery Specialist
09. Teacher and Trainer of Sacred Ways
10. Lost & Found (Psychic Detective Work)
11. Paranormal Activities
12. PPM & PBS Practitionaire

"Wankan Tanka Kici Un! A'ho! Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ!" ("May Great Spirit bless you and your family! It is done! All my relations!")

~ Ota Wóyawašte! (Many Blessings!) Wi Wachipi (Sundance)


PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT new to Keen or this work! All of my client's reviews and FIVE STAR RATINGS were destroyed years ago when they reformated their platform! Please help me rebuild my ratings by leaving a review after our session! This helps others know who they can trust when they're in need of accurate insights and spiritual guidance. Thank you!
Approach to Topics
Although you may have come here today with a heavy heart and much on your mind, I want you to know that there's truly no problem or challenge too big that cannot be overcome! There's also no question that does not have an answer! (Remember, sometimes that answer is "NO"!) If you're at the "End of the Trail" (or rope, as the case may be), lost your way, are confused, hurting, or just frustrated with your life right now, I can quickly and accurately guide you back on the path that leads to your inner peace and happiness! Once I make a connection, many questions that are weighing heavily on your heart will be answered even before you ask!

During our time together you will be given insights into blockages that may be preventing you from experiencing your highest good, as well as tools and instructions that will help you become a more powerful and empowered creator. If you're among the next generation of spiritual warriors, I will reveal secrets to you that will help you access, activate & accelerate your spiritual superpowers so that NOTHING & NO ONE will EVER have control over you again!

If you're ready to stop being held hostage by three pounds of grey matter, trapped inside a cranium prison, your freedom is just a phone call away! I look forward to serving as your personal shamanic spirit guide!


To get the most from our time together...

01. NO GENERAL READINGS! Please have a list of questions you'd like me to answer prior to contacting me. (If you want better answers, ask better questions.) Once I make a connection, many times I will answer your question/s before you even ask.

02. This is an investment in yourself. Please understand that although I work as quickly as possible, nothing of value can be accomplished in three minutes! This free time gives us an opportunity to make a good connection. The more time we have together, the better I can help you.

03. When you call I will ask for your first name, complete birthdate, general location (city/state), and the intention for your session. This information helps me connect more quickly with you.

04. I will NOT answer questions regarding how others feel towards you. Most people's feelings can change from one moment to the next and are conditionally based on how they feel about themselves when they're with you. However, if you'd like to know what it is you can do to have a more positive impact on your relationship, please feel free to ask.

Wóphila eyÁ (Thank you)
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