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Spiritual Whispers
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After years of being away from Keen and studying under spiritual leaders I am back with a more powerful center and sharply precise gifts! Call/email now for accurate, caring, understanding but powerful readings!
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***If you would like to use the chat feature and I am taking calls only currently, please email me and I will open up chat for you!***

Hello! My name is Josh, and I have been giving readings my entire life, so naturally I didn't even know I was doing it in the beginning! I am what some people call a "Visionary" or "Empath", I can not only see things, but read and feel the deepest truest feelings of a situation. I will use my God-given gifts and do my best to help you in whatever you need, even if it means helping you out of paid sessions. I specialize in
relationships and LOVE!

I rely on my emphatic gifts to help people to heal and to give direction on their paths in life. I will utilize my spirit Guides as well as my own psychic abilities to accurately get you all the answers that you desperately need!

I have been involved in solving several murder cases in the Cincinnati area, as well as successful relationship counseling since I was 18! I have helped thousands of clients and friends from all over the world with all matters of life, with the help of my own experiences, but more importantly my Spirit Guides and the helping hand of Spirit Himself/Herself through the gifts and abilities He/She has given me.

Allow me to use my 13 years of professional experience in giving accurate readings to help you find the answers you are seeking!
Approach to Topics
With over the phone readings, email readings and chat I use my empathic abilities as well as remote viewing meditation to look into every situation deeply. I can see the heart and how they are feeling with being an empath, followed by their actions and what they are currently up to with my remote viewing while lastly the most possible outcome in the future using my farsight gifts! I treat every situation very serious and use all that I am to help each individual, even if it means continue readings for free over email. If situations are dire, I am able to the Tarot, as well as crystal ball gazing or Rune Casting but only by request. Let me help and guide you to bring back that light into your life with love, caring peaceful spiritual whisper!
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