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Arnold Heart
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Concerned about your pet. Want answers about what maybe troubling them? Let me help you with my ability. I will help you get the answers you need about your loved furry friend.
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My readings have helped many to discover their intuitive and enlightening secrets about success, beauty, love and glory by being in the right place at the right time. My readings are based on calculations and your natal chart. With constant association, I could guide you towards your own goal, your positive assets and the talents that define your life. Your strengths to reach the path of life you are destined to follow.
Approach to Topics
Death & Dying * For Fun * Behavioral Issues * Connection With Your Animals In The Afterlife * Relieve Guilt * Improve Overall Communication * Love *
How does my animal feel? How will I know it’s the right time to help my pet go to Heaven? Did I make the right decision? Does my pet like his/her pet-sitter? How does his/her body feel? Why is my cat peeing outside the litter box? How can I get my animals to get along? What is the problem? What does my pet like? What do they want to do more of? How can I make my pet happier? Do they understand you when you talk to them? How can you be more clear and hear them? What do they think of you? Do they know you love them? Are they happy?
Anything at all that you ever wondered about, Laura can ask them.
Anything you wish you could explain to them, Laura can explain to them.
Treat yourself. You and your animals will enjoy it!
In my experience, most emotional and behavioral problems are caused by confusion and lack of clear communication between animals and their people. During a pet psychic / animal communication session, I can help you understand and correct inappropriate behavior, respond to illness and injury quickly and accurately, improve performance, and discover your animals likes and dislikes. If you would like to help your animal to pass over, I feel it is very important to be positive that your animal is ready for the transition. Having a session with me gives both parties (animals and their people) great comfort in knowing if there are any last requests or feelings that need to be expressed.
Animals can give us wise insight into our lives. Their wisdom can help adults and children with their problems, giving us confidence, and it can also strengthen our connection to the natural world. You will be surprised at how often the animals make us laugh! Their vast consciousness continues to astonish me.
Many people tell me that I am “gifted”. It is a great blessing that I am able to make a living helping people and animals understand each other better. Working in this field, is a constant study of learning what it is that is coming directly from the animals versus what is coming from my judgments, my own past experiences, the many thoughts that whizz through my mind. Also, if I am present with the animal I have a sharp eye for reading subtle cues from their body language. I am dedicated to the integrity of my work and feel that my communications with the animals are pure, while they also are continuously evolving.
I truly feel that having a session with me will change your relationship with your animals for the better. In many ways, it is enlightening. You may cry, you may laugh, you may even question. I assure you that you will have a glimpse into their vast consciousness and emerge with a greater awareness.
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