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Divine One 444
Divine One 444
Accurate Animal Communicator .. My Specialty!!
10 minutes for $1.99
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I am an Pet Communicator and Angelic Channel who can connect you with your your beloved animals living or deceased. I can provide insightful messages about your pets and life.
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I have spent more than thirty years working on the spiritual path of learning and healing. I have more than twenty years of experience doing readings. My journey has not been an easy one but, I know that I needed to experience many things so that I was able to understand and help my clients with firsthand knowledge. I am an empath as well as a channel. I connect with your energy and provide information about work, career, home, relationships, love, as well as answers to your questions about pets. I also can connect you with lost loved ones or animals on the other side. I will provide clarity to situations so that you can make more informed choices. The key is taking the information and using your own discernment to see how it feels to you.

You will leave a session with me calmer, lighter, and brighter. My clients have called me for many years and continue to do so. I am truly blessed to be of service to others.

Here are a few of my reviews.

Tracy is a wonderful pet communicator! I returned from a trip to find my beloved cat had escaped (having a hissy fit that I was gone.) I contacted Tracy to see if she could find her. Tracy located Amelia not far away and had a chat with her spirit. She told her to go home and forgive me. Not ten minutes later, Amelia showed up at the door. This was after a three day absence. I was so happy. Tracy certainly has a magical way with animals, and sometimes we just need to know what is going through their minds so we can understand them better.

"Tracy is incredibly gifted as both a communicator and reader. She has provided my patients, family and many friends and me with great insights, leaving us feeling hopeful and reassured. Her messages contain validation and accurate phrasings, inflections and terms familiar only to you. A reading from Tracy will leave you absolutely convinced as to the authenticity of her amazing talent."

“The experience that I had with Tracy was remarkable. She was about to tell me things about myself that barely anyone knows, sometimes I myself can not even see. She has such an honest sense about her, you can tell that she has such an amazing gift. Every time that I have spoke with Tracy, I get off the phone more amazed then the last reading, and feel so much better about myself. Tracy has such an empowering gift, and I am so blessed to have experienced it.”

I cannot say enough good things about Tracy. She is kind, caring, and her work comes from the heart. She is extremely selfless and ethical in her calling. Her information is always accurate and divinely guided. I always feel comforted, assured, and clearer after I talk with her. You will never regret talking with her!

Approach to Topics
During your reading I will ask you to talk to me as I go through your vibration. I may ask for names of those in your family, significant others, as well as those you want to connect with on the other side. This helps me to connect with those energies. Please come with an open heart and mind. This will allow the energy to flow more easily, and you will get a better reading. Please allow an adequate amount of time for this process to take place. I consider truth and integrity to be of the utmost importance and choose to work in this way with each client.

I look forward to speaking or chatting with you soon.


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