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I'm more powerful and accurate than everyone here! I charge less only so I can help more people. No one gives details like l do. I solve every problem and read minds. I know the future. I uncover your mystery. I'm a healer.
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My name is Elysabeth Cherniak. I have been a psychic medium my entire life. I am helping people with love all over the world. Names of people, places, and locations, are part of my psychic ability. In a reading I not only have answers to questions, I have information only God knows. Jesus Christ is my spirit guide. I know about everything people have gone through in their lives. I know how to make your love life happy. In love I tell people not only about their life now, but also about their past life. I tell people not only if they are with the right person, but if they need to leave to be with the right person. If they know they can be happier they can find out when and how. I can help people to find happiness in love. I know everything about meeting your soulmate. I love helping people. I have hosted my own radio show on Air 1 Psychic Radio, giving live psychic readings. I help to solve crimes.
💙1. My predictions do not line up with other psychics most of the time, and people come back to let me know that I was the only one that told them the outcome of their situation accurately.
💙2. I give you a lot of information that you will not realize is true until your situation manifests.
💙3. I am a lot more psychic than others.
💙4. I don't waste people's time telling them about things they already know.
💙5. I tell you about truths that you will not believe.
💙6. I specialise in predictions.
💙7. I give you information that you are not only wanting to know, but also about things you need to know.
💙8. You are important to me.
💙9. I heal people a lot more effectively than other healers.
💙10. I make people's lives change a lot for the better.
💙11. I know about the past.
💙12. I do not tell lies and I do not placate.
💙13. I read minds.
💙14. Your reading is confidential.
💙15. I am not judgmental.
💙16. I don't get readings with other psychics because I am so much more psychic than they are. You will hear psychics tell you they can't read for themselves, but I can read for myself.
Hi Elysabeth! I just wanted to let you know you were right about the job, they just emailed me an offer! I was so sure I screwed up the interview and you reassured me it was the exact opposite. So happy now thank you soo much 🥰
FB Messenger May 12 2021 3:15 PM
Just wanted to tell you that you were spot on about my egg freezing surgery and the number of eggs I would be able to freeze! 🙂
Welcome to Ping Feb 24 2021 7:01 PM
Hi! Wanted to let you know you were the only one who was honest about J***** not having really anything set for Valentine’s Day and for me to be honest about how it makes me feel. But you were right, he did text me. You said so much when we spoke, that I would love to chat again when you can ! I don’t think I was able to catch it all. Lol you are awesome ❤️
Welcome to Ping
Nov 20, 2020 5:56 PM
Ok Liz...this is the first time he did something you told me he’d do right away lol he did ask me about my work situation etc how the interviews went, he jokingly asked to see me resume. It felt like the old him when I met him 3 years ago! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you
🦋10/19/2020 8:08 PM
Facebook IM
You were right my dad is buying me a car tomorrow morning ❤
🦋10/15/2020 4:57 PM
Facebook IM
Hi Elysabeth! You were right! My friend’s company called me back for an interview and made an offer for the job position, I just need to fill out some paperwork ( I’m a little nervous because they do e-verify, and Because of my legal status in the country I’m a little worried ) please say a prayer for me so I can get it 🤞🏼❤️🙏🏻... thanks so much 😘
Approach to Topics
I know on your journey I will truly guide you. You will become your own person. I give you information to make your life joyful. My support will make everything a lot better. Knowing you long to have love you will. I transform people's lives.💙DON'T BE MEAN TO ME I'M HERE TO HELP YOU.💖CLIENTS WHO GIVE ME BETWEEN A 1 TO A 3 STAR REVIEW WILL BE BLOCKED.💔HERE ARE A FEW MORE OF THE MANY EMAILS & MESSAGES I'VE RECEIVED ABOUT MY PREDICTIONS COMING TRUE:🦋10/15/2020 4:57 PM
Hi Elysabeth! You were right! My friend’s company called me back for an interview and made an offer for the job position, I just need to fill out some paperwork ( I’m a little nervous because they do e-verify, and Because of my legal status in the country I’m a little worried ) please say a prayer for me so I can get it 🤞🏼❤️🙏🏻... thanks so much 😘
🦋From: Current member
Subject: My SO
Date: 12/27/2019 4:21 PM
Hi Elysabeth,
I will call another day when I have funds to expend. J**** is back in my life, just like you said!!! I just needed to let you know!
🦋From: NandiBell
Subject: I am having a girl =)
Date: 6/25/2019 7:03 AM
The hospital just called me yesterday to inform me that I am having a baby girl just as you said I would. Just wanted to share this news with you have a blessed day.🦋From: User310346
Subject: your predictions are coming true!
Date: 3/7/2019 8:04 PM
Hey Elizabeth, Hope this email finds you well. Just wanted to let you know that I spoke to you a few weeks ago and alot of what you told me is coming true. It is so crazy because things were so far off from where I thought they would be when I called. Thank you for your guidance. God Bless!
T***🦋From: Member66115004
Subject: everything is fine! Date: 6/13/2019 4:00 AM Dear Elysabeth, Just to let you know that things are fine. As you predicted, he got the job he really wanted to have in Japan. He is leaving in September. We're not a couple yet, but we decided I will visit him in December. That's something we both look forward to. He talks about my visit with the people around us. I'm so happy! You predicted that too, when you said I will join him there (though it is just for a visit this time). Yes, your predictions came true! I wanted to let you know that they did. I believe we're gonna be a couple soon.
Lots of love, V****🦋S*** M****
Multi-unit General Manager at The Y***** S*****
January 9, 2018
Elysabeth was actually a customer of mine. She came into my work semi frequently for a while and we were friendly with one another. I was a single mother at the time, not dating anyone and Elysabeth told me that she could see that I would marry soon and that my husband would be at my place of work in ten weeks. I was happy enough to simply dream about the idea and was grateful for her hopeful words. In all honesty, I held no stock in them, as I’m used to disappointment. But I secretly kept track. I began casually dating the most amazing guy who I knew I never had a chance with. He hated his job and I was in the position to hire him as store manager. And I did. This was during the month she had predicted. Fast forward to a little over a week ago and he proposed to me. The three of us live happily under one roof now and it’s an absolute fairy tale. Just on cue, Elysabeth contacted me, checking in.
I’d like to add a disclaimer that there was absolutely no way she could have “researched” this as my life was very private and there was no relationship to speak of... for years. I didn’t even believe it myself.
I had seen her once in between the start of our romance and the proposal and she mentioned a few more incredibly accurate things.
Is it intuition? Is it magic? Coincidence? Whatever it was, it was beautiful and makes me smile from ear to ear.🦋
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