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12 readings since 2002
5 minutes for $1
PETS PETS PETS! What's he/she trying to tell you?
I'm gifted connecting with pets. Happy to connect you and yours!! :) Free minutes if you email me and tell me the name of your pet!!!!
My Attributes
Love & Relationships
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Family & Friends
Pets & Animals
Otherworld Connections
About Me
On and off keen for 20 years channeling your guides and your angels. No tools. I understand and channel energy, translating it into an uplifting and informative reading! it's always my goal to help you feel better and make the best of your choices.
My Approach To Topics
I can connect with your pets, looking at their happiness, what they need, what they want to say to you. I love all animals and grew up with cows, horses, dogs, cats and more. Send a note, get free minute as well. Our pets deserve the best and you do
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