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Miranda Tempest
Miranda Tempest
Love of all creatures
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Call about your furry loved one today! Pets are people too! My soulmate Bono!
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I use my psychic and empathic ability combined with the Tarot to bring the best advisement offered by the guides that I can. I have been giving readings for 30 years on and off the internet. I can only give you what the guides offer because no one should know too much information that they no longer need to make decisions on their own or that may cause interference of the natural flow of lessons intended for our spiritual growth.
RIP King
Approach to Topics
~If you enjoyed your reading, please rate. Ty~ Most people use several psychics. Please consider keeping notes on time, psychics name, and results so that you don't mistake something said by one but thought it was said by another. I have had this happen to me.
Advise when obtaining a reading: Always have a question. Some clients say 'tell me anything you get' but I found most times they get angry I did not hit on what they considered important (this means they do have a question) because what the guides find important for your spiritual growth and lessons of life may be entirely different.
When you call for a reading about a subject on your mind try to be open to any and all messages that come through even if it has nothing to do with the question you asked. You can not go to God in prayer and say 'Hey, I want to talk and I want to know this, but please don't tell me anything else no matter how important you think it is, okay?'
He will literally answer nothing for you.
There are readings where one co-worker deliberately makes another feel uncomfortable, embarrassing them, creating faults, and even attempts to set them up. Why? It could be a personality clash, with no big explanation behind it, as some clients expect a psychic to have. Sometimes it is a simple answer. When you call a psychic, don't anticipate what they will say or assume if they give the answer that sounds like common sense, that the psychic has no ability. It may only be that simple, and you knew it all along.
Free will is significant, not just for your ability to change circumstances, but other people can make decisions which could affect you also.
Bono and my grandson eleven years ago! My how they have grown.
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