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Purple Mystic1

257 Readings Since 2004
10 minutes for $1.99
Authenti Reader, Dedicated to Guidance
Read for Thousands~My expertise is being able to read your situation with THE 1st NAME of the person in question. How is that possible? Simple: I am an AUTHENTIC READER~ 100%Quality No Fluff ~No Fairytales~ Read Blog!
About Me
I started reading professionally 20 years ago and with Keen 18years. My biggest joy is helping others. Oftentimes life can throw a curveball. No matter what it is , I am here for you. I can see what is going on an now and we can find a solution.
My Approach To Topics
When calling please specify if you want a tarot card reading. I am happy to do that.
Please Specify:
1) Straight tarot
2)Straight Psychic
3) Or a combo.
If not asked, I will do straight psychic.
What to expect. I need at least 3 minutes if asking 1
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