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Sophia is an incredible pet psychic with over 20 years experience helping pets and their owners around the world.
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Past Lives
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Spirit Guides
Skills & Methods
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Remote Viewing
Sophia has a natural gift of connecting with animals. Sophia was trained by teachers in the pet psychic world who were able to assist her over the years.

Sophia has worked with thousands of animals and their human friends to work through issues and overcome obstacles.

Growing up on a farm, Sophia realized at an early age that she had a very special connection with animals.
Approach to Topics
Welcome to Top Master Psychic Sophia’s page! Thank you for stopping by. Please allow Sophia to explain her talents and services to you.

Animals communicate in picture form. Sophia is very intuitive. She will get an impression of a situation, and she has the ability to put together what she is picking up until it makes sense. Sometimes it won’t make sense to Sophia, but it will make sense to the owner. She can also communicate through pictures or a pet’s name. Sophia is able to work off of energy — reading their energy and their connection with their owners.

-Behavior problems
-Training issues
-Finding lost pets by using her ability at remote viewing
-The difficult decision about euthanasia
-Finding your old pet in it's new, reincarnated body

Sophia will help you connect with your pet and provide you with valued answers.
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