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10 minutes for $1.99
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*NO mediumship readings at this time (apologies)- Time frames a speciality - High accuracy! Readings will Uplift and Enlighten you! Only first names and questions! Please read profile before calling :)
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Please read entire profile before deciding to call to ensure I can help, and you don’t waste minutes :)

*Oficially Trusted & Recommended reader by Cassady Cayne of the famous twinflames1111

SCHEDULE - Please see Love & Relationship listing for availability :)

(schedule is liable to change at short notice. Please email me if you don't see me online and I will endeavour to get a session set up ASAP. I check email regularly but if I am not signed in I will not get pings.)

Hi there. I'm Aerie! I am a certified Psychic intuitive, Reiki master & Ascension Coach. I am accredited by several world class psychics. Please ensure that you read the entire profile before deciding to contact. The best testament to my work is my returning clients. You can see my feedback. New clients are welcome to mail ahead for some minutes towards our first session.


•Please take a few deep breaths as this will clear your energy and make it easier for me to tune into

•be ready to provide me with your first name and depending on the query, the first name of the person you are enquiring about or in the example of a job prospect a keyword that I can use to tune into it.

•If you are seeking a timing please be aware that I may ask for confirmation of the last point of contact

•If you choose not to send a photograph ahead of time and are asking about another person, it is helpful to have a photo of them with you during the reading (a photograph on your phone or another device is sufficed)

•Have your specific questions ready but please only ask one at a time.

•If you copy and paste details please be aware it will take me a little longer to connect as I am connecting as you are TYPING a question.

•Please be aware that 3 minutes will not get you a detailed reading. I will be able to answer a question, but it may not be with the detail you seek. In my experience, a good first reading will take at least 10 minutes.


•I will ALWAYS tell you the truth about what I am seeing whether this is negative or positive. (Please be prepared for this before our call and don't rate me lowly simply for giving news you may not like.)

•I will be straight to the point and will not fill our readings with "fluff" or spiritual jargon. If I am seeing something related to moon cycles or planetary alignments (astrology) I will mention it but will point you in the direction of independent research as this is not my area of expertise.

•I also recognise that this is a premium service based on a pay per minute ethos so I will conduct our readings swiftly. I will not waste your hard-earned money or try to keep you on the line longer than necessary.

•If I am not connecting, I will immediately end the chat and follow up with an email

• I will ALWAYS be compassionate in my delivery no matter the outcome

•I have proven accuracy for timing but do not guarantee it as there is often more than one person’s free will involved. This includes focusing ONLY on the timing instead of the overall outcome.
Approach to Topics
I am a natural born empath and have spent many years training under some of the best metaphysical teachers in the world. I have conducted thousands of personal readings over the years via various platforms and my private practice so you can be assured that you will receive a professional experience when choosing to contact me. My specialism is Love and Relationships although I will be happy to look at other concerns you have.

I adhere to a strict code of ethics when conducting readings. For this reason, you can be assured that I will always deliver the truth as I see it, whether this is what you wish to hear or not. There are also some types of questions I will be unable to answer ethically and if this is the case, I will let you know so you can choose to end the session. I will replace any minutes used. I am committed to lifelong learning so I can ensure that I am 100% able to provide the best service to my diverse range of clients.

When you come into a session, I will ask you for your first name, the first name of anyone you are asking about & your specific question as this is the key to unlocking the information. Please see "What to do before coming for a reading". Sessions with me Reiki in a way that is positive and enlightening. I offer advice on what I am being told by spirit as well as the feelings and emotions I am getting from you & the person you are asking about. I do not offer general readings as I believe there are too many variables to be able to predict something with great accuracy. I can also offer timelines if required.

I channel messages from spirit through automatic writing, so Chat sessions are best. I type at about 100 words per minute so once my guides and I are in your energy there is no stopping us!! Please do let me know if you resonate so we are both on the same page - this is a two-way energy exchange in which you are investing! :)

If it is something which we both agree you may benefit from I can help with personalised meditation rituals, Archangels that may be called upon in your situation, Positive affirmations and thinking, Numerology and Dream Interpretation.

•BscHons First class division in Social Policy with Sociology
•Angel Realms,
•Drug and Alcohol Counselling,

Please also remember that predictions are affected by your free will as well as that of the parties involved.

Feedback is a permanent part of an advisor’s record. A flippant remark from someone cannot only destroy someone's confidence but also affect their future success. Remember you are rating the reader and not the system used to connect.

IMPORTANT - if you are cut off unexpectedly please email me as it is likely that it was a glitch over which I have no control. If I am not receiving messages, I will ask you to confirm you are on the line and if I do not get a response I will end - the mentality behind this is to save YOU minutes. When this happens, I always follow up with free minutes to compensate so please watch for my mail.

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your reading for some reason, please end the Chat and Email me before leaving negative feedback. :) I assure you that we will work it out in a way that makes you happy. :)

*This service is intended for those aged 18 years and over only. I am obliged to say for legal reasons that it is for entertainment purposes only. It is prohibited by law to offer advice on health or legal queries. This includes pregnancy and paternity questions*
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