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Check your email always. Not every reading will be perfect but real and honest. I put 100% of my energy into each reading.My neg feedback is proof of my honesty. I am direct and honest.
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Deceased Loved Ones
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Skills & Methods
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An ode to heckle fish, what for does yesterday matter when today is full of clean water.
First some lessons I learned from keen.
one thing for sure is that I do not do readings outside of Keen, free or otherwise. If I'm doing something outside of Keen has nothing whatsoever to do with psychic readings.
make your own kool-aide.
I can not connect to fake loved ones you made up just to test me. Only a fake reader can connect to fake spirits.
Making this perfectly clear, I am not here to resonate with you. If that's what you are looking for go elsewhere.
No matter how much I try to explain to people that seeing the energy of a baby in their reading doesn't mean actual baby, it doesn't sink in. Babies represent anything with new life. New Car, New House, New start, New Job. Its your energy I am looking at and it can only be as clear as it's creator.
I don't sell hope, love, healing, or anything else. I just report what I see. My bad feedback is proof of that. Let me explain more politely the details some people are looking for. I can not explain a 24 hour day in 3 minutes without missing a single detail when it takes a 24 hour day to lay out those details. Then to top it off, those details are choices your whole 24 hour day is a minimum of 48 hours and maybe more. If the day consists of 3 choices in the energy world it will be a 72 hour day. I only look at the relevant energy.
I assume people know this. It's like giving someone a recipe for a cake and they hate it because you didn't tell them what color of icing to use on it. The icing color is your choice, not divine destiny.
Telling you what color of icing to use on the cake is no different than that micromanager that tells you how to breathe and why your breathing is wrong. Till one day you just figure you are never going to breathe good enough and stop doing it looking for another job.
Life is only exciting when it is yours, run by you. God would make a special place in heck for me if I said anything to take that away from you.
100% all of you know this to be a fact, just some of you seem to have forgotten this.
My love for humanity outweighs my love for anything else. Live long and prosper.
Born in 1962 Miri is my nickname for Miriam. Pronounced My Ree.
I live in the west coast semi-isolated area of Florida. Grew up a city girl so this life transformation is kind of cool. That means I have a personal farm now and my livestock are also my pets.
My medium work has no source I can identify, there are tons of things in my life that could have caused this ability. I have been connecting to these spirits as far back as I could remember. I love channeling. My energy readings have developed over time working with my amazing callers on keen.
My readings may be changing a bit due to a curio on how to acquire the knowledge of the person I connect to as well as the way they died. That seems much more useful to all of us. As of 2022 no luck with that one.
This is something I have been working on most of my life. When I was 6 or 7 my dad was dying in the hospital and the church ppl healed him. So I searched to find an answer to that. Because these ppl were not holy ppl. There is a lot more, no one's background is just a one-liner. I remember the womb up to my first walker then nothing till I was 8..

MY roots/foundation are the mountains of Kentucky even though I was raised in Florida and this is my home.
The eye pictures are my eyes in the sun.
Approach to Topics
I need to make one thing clear right now, you can NOT buy hope. I do not sell hope. NO TAROT READINGS AT ALL. I have also been alerted that it is against keen rules to remote view the living. rule 6f forbids any invasion of a person's privacy. Soo find a different way to ask. Because even my medium work is remote viewing. I could care less what the spirits have to say or what the angels have to say. God says nothing till the recording is made.
I have to get a good feel connection to you as if I am a part of you to get a really good spiritual connection. Not all spirits want to talk to strangers.
I can not do scripted readings that have instant answers. I can't read over you and/or your friends making noise in the background.
I pass judgment on no one and we are promised by God no one will pass judgment on us. Till someone does.
I talk to the dead, however, I do not take advice from the dead, consider them a guide of any kind or give them any control in life at all.
I don't control the spirit world, I only look at it. Some spirits are afraid to talk to mediums because of groups that think it's ok to enslave them into a dark arts cult or torture them into the light.
First I connect to you then look around you just to see who is there, then look at other places for spirits to find the one you may want to speak with. I always do the best I can and strive to tell you the truth.
REMEMBER I USE TRANCE, I AM NOT PREOCCUPIED WITH ANYTHING IN YOUR CALL BUT MY TRANCE STATE. I DO NOT OFFER INSTANT CLARITY, I ONLY TELL YOU WHAT I SEE IN THE ENERGY I AM READING IN THE TRANCE STATE. I PROMISE HONEST DETAILED READINGS. I never make anything up. If you require me to speak loud enough for you to hear when I am searching for the spirits, tell me at the beginning of the call rather than break my trance to tell me you need to hear what I am saying. The voice tone used for the energy world is very different than the tone used for the physical world.
Sometimes I see weird stuff only you can understand and if you don't you will as the meaning of the image comes back to you later. Like trying to remember the name of the movie that had that guy in it. Not the answers you want to hear but the answers you need.
If I channel a person, I will likely feel what they felt when they died. Every time I do that I maintain some psychosomatic damage from it and need to heal. Not a lot, like if it was lungs for a few hours I will feel like I have allergies. Kidney and for about a day I will not urinate normally. I use to think it was cool being able to die a different death every day, but I'm old now and I just think it's cool my ability helps people.
Being a skeptic is awesome, I love it. Being a debunker looking for old or vulnerable people to victimize is evil.
If you turn out to be unhappy with my readings so that you don't mistakenly call me again I will block, not because I am upset but for your protection. Not every reader can read every person perfectly. Each time you look at a person you're looking from a different perspective you might see something different.
Some of my feedback will support the statement that I tell what I see and not what people want to hear. But to translate, if I don't see contact with someone, doesn't mean it's not there, it means I don't see it. But if I do see it, that means it's there. I am not scripted so I do not have ready instant answers for you. Saying that's not possible is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard from a human. They see clouds, the sun, the trees, rivers, birds and so much more every day and then after seeing all these amazing miracles of the Milky Way want to impose limitations on themselves and their lives.
In a partial trans State words are physical, be careful how you use them. It's not the word itself it's the energy you put behind the words. Certain energies will feel like I'm being shot physically I can't help but react.
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  • Kind · 99+
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  • Accurate · 99+
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