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Celtic Moon
World-Renowned Psychic & Medium - TV and Radio!
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As a world-renowned spiritual clairvoyant, psychic, medium, and intuitive for 28 years, I have been filmed live many times on tv, news, paranormal documentaries, and performed filmed paranormal investigations.
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As a world-renowned, Spiritual Clairvoyant, Psychic, Intuitive, Medium, Empath, and Reiki Master for 28 years, I have been filmed live many times on the news, as well as filmed documentaries while performing my paranormal investigations and communications with the other side in some of the most haunted locations. I have also had the story of my experiences with the "other side" published by renowned authors.

Due to the numerous requests, I have received from people for individual help, I have now extended my gifts to assist people on this site for readings, which leads me here today. The first thing I want to convey to you is with all of my heart, I am here to help you.

As a child, I always knew I could feel energies around me that others could not see, hear, or feel. I was fascinated and drawn to the spiritual world, although I never understood those feelings until I became older and began to realize that I had an extremely, heightened level of sensitivity to the energies swirling within my surroundings that others did not notice. I would find myself immediately picking up on the positive and negative moods and pains of those individuals around me, either living or deceased that others couldn't feel.

Until I was a young adult, I always thought I was cursed because I felt emotions and pains on so much more of a heightened level than others. I knew at a young age that I was different and have received signs to confirm this truth throughout my life. By the grace of surrounding myself with positive friends, guides, and metaphysical mentors, I was able to change my way of thinking to realize that instead of viewing myself as cursed, I began to realize that I could help heal people and allow them to feel peacefulness in their lives, homes and businesses, as well as help them remove the obstacles of negative energy surrounding them. That, my beautiful friends, is truly a gift I feel blessed by having now.

After coming to this realization, I joined a paranormal investigation group, and thanks to the skill sets of these amazing friends, I learned to perform profession, paranormal investigations and my gift of being a clairvoyant, medium and Empath became stronger and stronger each day. That, along with my many years of practice, study, research, and hands-on experience throughout my life, I have learned to refine my abilities and enhance my own skill sets. I now apply a combination of ancient and modern-day methods to determine paranormal activity, as well as perform psychic readings to communicate with the other side which allow me to relay these messages to you.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me for help.

800-ask-keen, ext 05231489

Until then, enjoy your journey my friends...
Approach to Topics
My psychic readings are always done with love and compassion as I relay information to my clients that comes to me via spirits, energy, thoughts, visions, feelings, and tarot cards, as well as other tools I may utilize. (I do not utilize astrology in my reading, although I do believe in that method.)

Timing is never an easy thing to pin down, as the universe works in it's own time. We must always remember, that every action we make as individuals, just by hearing a prediction and your actions toward those predictions, can alter outcomes of your situations.

Due to Keen regulations, I can't answer questions based upon diagnosing medical conditions or provide legal advice. This is for entertainment purposes only.
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