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World Renowned Intuition teacher and reader. She shares her gift with the public on Keen. She is to the point, fast and honest.
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I've been empathic my whole life, seen impressions, felt emotions and connected telepathicly. I DO NOT DO GENERAL READINGS. I read people’s thoughts & emotions! (POI, Boss, potential boss, friend, coworker, children, possible home buyer or seller, brother, sister, so on...) In order to connect with someone I need their first name and age!
Approach to Topics
I'm honest, compassionate and have peoples highest good always present. I tell you what I see, sense or hear without altering it.

NEGAVITIVE OR POSITIVE readings - I do not label what I see or hear as positive or negative! I tell you the TRUTH! Regardless of how you label it the truth is what will help you the most. For example; If I told you a person doesn't like you in that way, you could label that negative. If I asked the person you were asking me about, they might say the reading is positive because dating you is not the best decision for them. You could also label it positive you now know the truth and can find someone who does like you. Negative or positive is a perspective I do NOT give the information I see. I just tell you what I see.

RIGHT & WRONG - Is this situation right or wrong for me? or What is best for me? This is a free will question. I can tell you what is right and wrong for me. I might say, "I would not stay with a man that creates me waiting, hurting and longing but I can not tell you if that is right or wrong for you. You tell me? Is that what you want to create? If no, then choose someone who will love you, and show up for you because he isn't!" I will always point these questions back to you. In your power decide what is right and wrong for you because life isn't being forced on you. If you're hurting then make a different decision. :) I can describe what you will experience with someone in great detail but you will have to decide what is right or wrong for you.

PREDICTIONS & TIMING - NOTHING is set in stone except change. If I told you life was forced on you, you would get mad. If I tell you its your decision you could get mad if you want someone else to think for you and make decisions for you. I read options in your energy field. Some options are stronger than others. This does not mean these options just fall in your lap or could not possibly change as you make decisions or refuse to make decisions. . If I tell you he/she could contact you within the next 8-10 days and then you blow their phone up or do something to change the energy, then the cause and effect will be different. In fact that is a lot of what I do with people. If I make this decision what would happen? Ok if I make this decision what would happen? I love cause and effect readings and it tells me people are in their power trying to make a decision that honors them. :)

Please understand I am an empath which means I take on the energy of the person you are asking about. To the point I can talk and act like them. If the person you are asking about is rude, I could come across rude while in their energy. If they use bad language or say harsh things sometimes it is very hard for me to mask that not coming through exactly how they are. Once I step out of their energy I am back to my own loving and compassionate energy. Part of being an empath!

I enjoy hearing from all of my amazing friends but I also do not want you to be dependent upon me. I will always encourage you to trust your own intuition, meditate on things, and always trust "what is" as truth.

I'm very blessed to have all of you in my life and I truly love sharing my gift with you. I send everyone positive energy and loving support!
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