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Goddess Dawn Sandum

5,511 readings since 2001
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To speak to them again~.DAWN OF THE DEAD~
Close your eyes and feel their precense Dawn of the dead .My words are theirs. A Partial Trance and their essence and spirt can speak thru me. WARNING The Others must be gone at least 10 days before contact can be made
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About Me
About Me
Cherokee Indian and very forthright as a fire sign. I am loving and Love the Jamacian culture as well. Lady of the Lake and all things Paranornal without being Dark. A natural born third generation psychic
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
I am cleared when I speak or chat to you. I answer questions and feel the messages. I connect quick and I like to laugh and Love freely so enjoy your reading with me, The Goddess Dawn ext. 3296 natural empath
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