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Lee Baksu
Lee Baksu
Psychic, Medium, and Empath
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I’m a professional psychic with over 20 years of experience. The spiritual world has always been a big part of my life. My dreams have been prophet since my earliest memories, and my empathy and telepathy developed when I was young. I’ve always known things that I shouldn’t and seen things others didn’t.

I have a spiritual heritage on my mother’s side. She’s a mystic, her father was a Mudang, a Korean shaman, and I’m keeping the line going as a psychic medium.

My hope is that I can be helpful to others using my connection to the spiritual. But being spiritual isn’t the same as being holy. I’m a person who has often listened to their emotions instead of their sense. I eat too much, don’t exercise enough, and buy things I don’t need. In other words, I’m human.
Approach to Topics
I typically start by connecting to a person, a relationship or a situation. The person can be you or someone else, and the relationship or situation doesn’t have to be one you're involved in. Once I’m connected, I’ll begin to receive information.

My process isn’t rapid-fire, it can take a moment, and the information I get often comes in the form of symbols or impressions unless it’s empathic or emotional. Whatever I get, I’ll deliver it to you.

For some questions, I do use a pendulum. Since it is an extension of me, it has my limitations.

The future isn’t set in stone, and I’m not always right. Factor that in, always. What I offer is a spiritual service. I’m not a medical, legal, or financial professional. Please be aware of what I’m offering and come with realistic expectations.
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