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*Lori Grace* Honest, Accurate, Fun! Serving Clients for 25+ Years with Tarot & Mediumship. Types 65 - 80 WPM! Canadian Psychic *The Little Witch*
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Hi, I'm Lori-Grace, "The Little Witch."
What started with having a handful of "imaginary friends" and lucid dreams, has evolved and grown into being able to chat with spirit guides and people who have passed over. Over twenty five years experience reading for friends, family, and people all over the US and Canada, through Keen, Facebook, email and Zoom.

I have an office and run a professional practice in Ontario, Canada.
I'm a Medium who uses all the Clairs in a reading (Hear, see, touch, taste and smell.)

In addition to doing readings on the phone I also read in person, at house parties for groups, and one on one consultations in my two offices. I have a deep connection with the other side - I lucid dream nearly every night, which enables me to connect with energies of passed loved ones more easily during the day.
Approach to Topics
When it comes to Medium work, I don't use the Tarot. It CAN take a minute to tap into your loved ones, and always I want to read as blindly as possible. Don't give me names, or anything about them. They can use all of those things to prove to you it's them, through me!
I like to give you several verifications that I've connected with the person you want to hear from, and then we go into you asking questions.

I usually ask my clients to prepare to sit for 30 to 60 minutes with me. Sometimes it can come in faster, but Medium work can't be rushed. I also prefer to do Medium readings over the phone, sometimes things can get lost in translating over texting or IM messaging.

I find the positive sources of energy in your life, help you see them and use them to reach your goals, in times of chaos or uncertainty. With humour. This is usually because our Spirit Guides are incredibly funny. They are the little voice that guides you, and they PICKED you, and are a part of you!

Sometimes we feel our Spirit Guides go quiet, but I found that is much less about them and more about where you are in your experience. If you are stressed out, or participating in the chaos around you, you may not be able to connect with them. That's where I come in!

I can help you hear what they've been trying to say to you, if you want to talk about who they are and what they look like, or their names, we can do that too.

Before our call, have a chat with them! Spirit Guides are limitless and can be in several places at once - let them know your intention is to connect with me, and that you want them to speak through me to get the messages to you that you have been missing.

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