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Astral Communications
The Ones who have crossed over see things clearly and perfectly, free from the need to judge, and with perfect Love and Light. We feel the need to connect because They are trying to connect with US! Call now to get in touch!
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About Me
MasterMichelle is a Lifelong Rebel and Seeker, An Education/Learning Addict, and a Spiritual Adventurer.
After 50 years in her current incarnation, and 18 years as an Ordained Spiritual Minister, she is NOW ready to share her Insight and
My Approach To Topics
" I draw from a variety of tools and techniques to help Source Spirit. I find that Simple Divination tools are the clearest, so I practice Keep It Simple Silly, or K.I.S.S.
We are ALL Energy based Beings, having a physical, human experience.
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11/24/2022 - Call
The most accurate psychic i have spoken to. She is helping me through a tough time what a wonderful person
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