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The Ones who have crossed over see things clearly and perfectly, free from the need to judge, and with perfect Love and Light. We feel the need to connect because They are trying to connect with US! Call now to get in touch!
MasterMichelle is a Lifelong Rebel and Seeker, An Education/Learning Addict, and a Spiritual Adventurer.
After 50 years in her current incarnation, and 18 years as an Ordained Spiritual Minister, she is NOW ready to share her Insight and Perspectives, in the hopes of Bringing All to Spirit.

Whatever your challenge, Bring It!
She offers Readings, Releases, and Consultations.

Whatever your current challenges, MasterMichelle is ready to help.

Let Master Michelle's experience and Loving Care, and her connection to SOURCE, guide you.
Approach to Topics
" I draw from a variety of tools and techniques to help Source Spirit. I find that Simple Divination tools are the clearest, so I practice Keep It Simple Silly, or K.I.S.S.
We are ALL Energy based Beings, having a physical, human experience. Understanding that the physical world is a direct reflection of our own manifestations, I LOVE to work with Spiritual Beings to help them manifest and integrate their own personal power to facilitate happiness and JOY in life.
My success is reflected in the Lives of ALL those I work with, even if I am uncomfortably direct and to the point.
Be Honest, Be Genuine, and Be Accepting, and get ready for LIFE CHANGING Results! Love and Light!

Master Michelle is most often drawn to her Pendulum, Antique Japanese Dominos, Dice, and regular playing cards. These are old traditional divination methods not usually encountered or used. These skills come from old family traditions. She is also skilled at dream interpretation, path/journey check-ins, nature intuition, and distance Reiki/Qi/Energy Work. She also uses other divination techniques, like bibliomancy, dream interpretation, and detailed numerology readings.
Connecting you to lost loved ones is also a favorite way help.

Master Michelle's approach is Loving, but Direct and Effective.
Endorsed Strengths
  • Accurate · 2
  • Detailed · 2
  • Helpful · 2
  • Honest · 2
  • Kind · 2
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