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Not every reading will be perfect but real and honest. I put 100% of my energy into each reading.My neg feedback is proof of my honesty. I am direct and honest.
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My name is Miriam and I go by the nickname MIRI which is pronounced My Ree.
Because of my celebrating timelines are a hit and miss I do not offer timelines. But occasionally out of courtesy I will attempt to timeline. Time is a series of events that can change a timeline. My background is American. My background culture is a combination of different Appalachian cultures. By the time I was 9 years old I had already suffered three near death experiences all of it due to the occult my mother was a member of. It caused me to be a very anti-occult person. But after the last one I just automatically started filling out people's deepest secrets. It's not anything special you can do it too. You don't need a group or a profit or a leader or a teacher or anything like that. The only thing you need is moral support from your peers. And if it's something extremely important that won't even have an effect on it. But the multiple different Appalachian cultures have all seen, heard, and counter, things that challenge reality. The good bad and the indifferent has all been mixed together to make the me that I am today and it's the same for you. I remember my life before the womb and I remember the womb I remember up to about 2 years old, then till about 8 years old the memories are fuzzy. Things like that and some Appalachian cultures is considered normal and they don't understand when someone says they don't remember the womb. The picture included here is my grandparents wedding.
My grandmother in this picture died just before the age of 101 July the 11th 1998. At bingo games for favorite number was 7 11. They are Kentucky Appalachian. During the Civil War her father was a Union soldier. With that said, there are certain people who should not be calling me. Human beings are not toxic and I would never refer to a human being as toxic. Those are my deep core values. No amount of money in the world is enough to take those away from me. If you are going to leave bad feedback and promise to leave good feedback if the predictions that you made up come true you should not be calling me. I am not going to stop my whole life and fall into prayer so that you can get what you want out of life just so I can get a few stars from you. I am not a fortune teller I do not give predictions. I looked to see where your energies are headed and I tell you what I see. The fact that someone literally publicly posted that I I am so evil that I would call another human being toxic is killing me inside.
Approach to Topics
My approach does not include giving people hope or creating a future for them. Hope it's something you cannot give you can only reveal it.
I use trance in my readings and it is a partial chance so that I'm able to continue to talk to you while I'm doing it. I can see distance and events which I attempt to translate into time but I do not offer any form of timing. I will if need be try to translate the distance and events to give you a general time. So if you are looking for exact timelines I'm not the medium you need.
I do my best with every need everyone brings to me and use all of the energy and all of the talent that I could possibly access. However I am a medium I am not a fortune teller, I am not a spellcaster I am not any of those things. In my medium work when I connect to the other side for you I connect to you first, then I take note of all the spirits around you. If any of that is going to creep you out do not call me. If we are looking for one particular spirit and I have not picked them up immediately around you I will ask for help from some of the spirits around you to find them. When I'm asked to do readings on the living I pretty much do almost the exact same process. I am always 100% honest and direct in my approach, my abilities, and my information.
Technique and approach is almost never the same between two actual readers. And it should not ever be like that each and every one of us have our own approach to everything in life that is nothing like someone else's approach. I do not sit in judgment of people. That is not my job. My job is just to see the truth report the truth and nothing else. A lot of times I see the truth in symbolism that is or has meaning only to the subject I'm speaking with. So I won't know what that symbolism means I have to tell them. And if something is not pleasant it's not because I want things to be unpleasant. I would be much more popular and make a lot more money if I could just tell everybody that they were going to be a billionaire. Connections are a little bit harder in chat. Not to mention autocorrect. But I still put as much energy into it as if every little bit of information was meant to save someone's life.
Judging people is wrong. Each and every single one of us has our own moral standards. There can't be peace in the world until there's peace in you. I will rarely remember your reading from one contact to the next. There is a very good reason for this. It is because I don't want the information from the last reading to influence the one in the new reading because you have actually made efforts to improve it. I truly do love each and everyone without biased. However if you was fired to be like that remember no matter how much you love life you don't sleep with a rattlesnake. And I don't mean that in an elicit way. I almost forgot while I am in trance I will be describing to you what I am doing. And that's an effort that I made years ago to get rid of dead space. So don't mind if you talk over the top of that. You have my thank you for showing me the love and respect to read my profile. Love Miri
If you call me a second time expecting the reading to be exactly like the first. You're going to be disappointed. I expect that if you call me again you are not looking for the exact same reading what you were looking for is a different aspect of the questions that you have. Are different perspective of the questions that you have. Even if I physically look at you standing directly in front of me from each different angle I look at you you look like a different person. Life is not scripted nor is it one-dimensional.
I am not a fortune teller, I don't come from a long line of fortune tellers. I am a medium. I see what I see and that's it. To treat a medium like a fortune teller is disrespect. But it's okay. Your future is not written in stone. It is all 100% created by you.
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