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Priestess Kandi Ranson
Priestess Kandi Ranson
Natural Born Psychic Medium
10 minutes for $1.99
Are you wishing to contact someone who have passed on into the Beyond? I am here to connect and allow myself to be used as an open vestal of communications .
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Deceased Loved Ones
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Destiny/Life Path
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Skills & Methods
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Astrology - Western
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✪ Ordained as High Priestess - On 10-13-2004 by R.A. Zorger;
✪ Accounting/Tax Prep/Book Keeping
✪ Certified Crisis Counselor - May 5, 2018

Areas Of Study:
✪Astrology/ Astronomy
✪Homeopathic remedies (since childhood)
✪Lifetime of Successful Dream Interpretations
✪Tarot Card Reading
✪Rune Casting
✪Spell Casting Assistance
✪Psychic Connections
✪Telepathic Connection
✪The Beyond
✪ Dream Analysis

I am Honest, Reliable and Dependable. I possess many gifts to share with you. Those with whom I have shared Will attest to My Authenticity.
✪ I have worked as professional clairvoyant for more than 30 years.
✪ Since birth I have been able to foretell of events to come and find missing objects or people as well as see the past, present and future of people, places and objects around me.
✪ I have always had the ability to Reach Beyond and communicate with those whom have left their bodies. One even described me as a light in the pitch blackness.
✪ I am empathic and can feel you.
✪ I Began Dream Analysis Study and Interpretation at age 12; attempting to comprehend dreams & nightmares. I have been successfully interpreting dreams and nightmares for decades

Other Experience & Qualifications
✪ I maintain an open minded and non-judgmental attitude on a constant basis. Having mastered the art of Tarot reading, Astral travel, Chakra alignment, Remote viewing, Precognition, Channeling and more. I couple these mediums with my natural clairvoyance to provide you with a reading that is quick, clear, concise and without judgment. I am direct and do not sugar coat anything.
✪ I have the ability to read people with no more information than a photo. With my intuitive photo readings, I channel into the energy field of your image and receive visions of your past, present and future and harness these revelations into accurate and in-depth readings that answer your greatest questions.
✪ Are you wondering about that new boyfriend or girlfriend? Wondering about your kids? Do you want to know what they are really about, where they are going in life, if they are honest? Show me a photo, tell me nothing and I will tell you all.
✪ Are you wondering about yourself? Are you trying to contact someone who has died? I can help with all this and more.
✪ I have successfully performed many Crossing The Bridge / Life Celebration ceremonies.
✪ I have been successful in removing negative energies and helping replace this space with positive energies every time.
✪ I am very conscientious when spell casting to always include just the right words and elements.

Community Involvement
C.A.S.A (Citizens Against Spouse Abuse) Volunteer. - As a C.A.S.A Volunteer I can offer you the most informative, yet confidential counseling and referral services.
Founder of Magic Parents In Myrtle Beach
Makeup Team Head for Myrtle Beach Zombie Walk
Charity Drives for: Food, Clothing, Cancer, Heart Disease, Personal Injury and more!
Your privacy is a major concern to me. I am discreet- Any information obtained while communicating with my clients is regarded as confidential.

Other Services Performed
✪ Counseling, Life Coaching and referral services Provide for all aspects of your existence.
✪ Perform cleansing and negative energy removal.
✪ Civil Unions can be legal.
✪ Crossing The Bridge / Life Celebration ceremonies for those who have left their bodies
✪ Spell Casting
✪ Naming Ceremonies
✪ Rites Of Passage Ceremonies
✪ Handfasting
✪ Handparting
Approach to Topics
I'm Here For YOU! My goal is to Enlighten minds, Open Hearts & Create World Peace.

Getting Psychic Advice in our virtual world is no different than getting Advice in the "real" world. You simply need to find the Psychic Medium Adviser who offers the kinds of attention You Need. Then you can Discover, For Yourself, just how Helpful a Multifaceted Psychic Medium Adviser Like ME can really be.

I have always had the ability to Reach Beyond and communicate with those whom have left their bodies. One even described me as a light in the pitch blackness.

Fortunately, I was raised in an environment which allowed for freedom of self expression. I was not treated any differently, at age 5, when I told my parental units that I saw a see through man & woman who smiled and waved at me and then walked through the wall down in our basement.

Or at age 6 when I told them that a see through old woman and old man came into my bedroom (one night), told me they were my great grandparents and that this was their house before it was mine. They told me they loved me, had been waiting for me to arrive also that I could live there as long as I liked.

I have connected to many people who have gone to live in the beyond and am ready to connect for you, allowing myself to become an empty vestal to be used to communicate with you.
Endorsed Strengths
  • Helpful · 16
  • Kind · 16
  • Honest · 13
  • Accurate · 8
  • Detailed · 7
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