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Psychic Justin Chase Mullins
Psychic Justin Chase Mullins
Justin Chase Mullins Psychic Medium
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Justin is an International Psychic Medium from the Appalachian Mountains. He has appeared on the television show Ghost Asylum. He is recipient of Best American Psychics 2013 Awesome Accolades Award.
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Justin Chase Mullins is an internationally renowned psychic medium, spiritual teacher, and spiritual coach in the areas of self-growth and self-development. He has appeared on Destination America's Ghost Asylum, iHeart Radio, LA Talk Radio, CBS Radio, Mysterious World TV, Ghost Hunt Weekends, and OM Times. He is recipient of the 2013 Best American Psychics Awesome Accolades Award. Justin is a member of Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory, and tested as legitimate by the Certified Psychic Society (2012). Justin has two degrees from the University of Phoenix (Masters of Criminal Justice and Security, and a Bachelor of Science of Communications).

Born and raised in Clintwood Virginia, a small town in the Appalachian Mountains of Southwest Virginia. Justin has an earthy boy-next-door charm, good natured personality, and southern sense of humor. He's not very new agey in his demeanor. A reading with Justin is like talking with an old friend. He understands that you're coming from a potentially vulnerable state with issues that are very near and dear to your heart. The loss of anyone can be very catastrophic. Justin never takes for granted the magnitude of what he's blessed to do and the impact that a reading can have on someones life.
Approach to Topics
Justin Chase Mullins is an empath, evidential medium and remote viewer. He has the abilities of clairvoyance – clear seeing, clairsentience – clear sense, claircognizant – clear recognition, clairaudience- clear hearing. "I feel, see, hear, know, smell, taste and etc, says Justin. Every reading is obviously very different for each person, with different messages and purposes. Some readings may be more spirit contact/mediumship focused, as you may need to communicate with those that have passed. While other readings may be psychic focused or a combination of both types of readings.

MEDIUMSHIP READINGS with Justin are evidence based. The readings will have information such as physical descriptions, illness's, events occurring in your life, objects, and various things. Although, Justin has no control over what information comes through during the reading.

FOR PSYCHIC READINGS, Justin prefers that you have questions or topics ready. The reading will begin with Justin providing information on what he see's, or who is coming through.It's always important for people to come in with an open mind. If the information doesn't make sense, write it down, hold onto it and it often does later. During readings, people sometimes have psychic amnesia where they black out, and can't remember important details! That is a very common thing. Readings may even make more sense after talking to family members about details for confirmation.

Justin was born and raised in a small coal-mining town of a population less than one-thousand. He's located in the "Appalachia" region of America in the small town of Clintwood, Virginia. Justin has an earthy boy-next-door charm, good-natured personality, and southern sense of humor. He lives in a very conservative area where psychics or mediums simply do not exist and practice.

"I come from a very religious family in a Baptist upbringing. I have small town values. I consider myself to be a very normal person that has been blessed with an extraordinary gift. I'm not very New-Agey, I do not work with cards, tools, nor do I do Astrology, says Justin. There's allot of talented people out there that do those things, and they do it well. I connect through Spirit, and work through the white light. I define Spirit as a God source of energy.

"On the same token, Spirit is also another name for God. I believe we are all connected as one, and come from the same source. My intention is to help awaken others to their connection with Spirit. I believe that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. We are all souls. We naturally all receive information from God and our loved ones in Heaven.

"I consider myself to be highly Spiritual. My goals are to help others connect to their life purpose, higher-self, and broaden viewpoints. We are not here to merely collect material things and subscribe to the material world. But rather, we have such immense power, and come from the most Divine source. I thrive to help others raise their vibrations through a change in thinking. I love providing closure through communication with those who have crossed over."
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