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Psychic kev
Psychic kev
Spirit Medium from the UK
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Psychic Medium over 20 years experience. Connection with Loved ones who have crossed over to the Spirit World.
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As a psychic medium, my primary goal is to help people connect with their loved ones who have passed away. I have been blessed with a unique gift that allows me to communicate with spirits and provide comfort and closure to those who are grieving.

My journey as a psychic medium began at a young age when I started experiencing paranormal phenomena. I would often see and hear things that others could not, and I began to understand that I had a special connection to the spirit world. Over time, I learned to hone my abilities and developed a deep understanding of the nature of spiritual communication.

I have been providing readings and connecting people with their loved ones for over 10 years. My clients describe me as compassionate, empathetic, and deeply intuitive. I believe that my role as a psychic medium is to act as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, and to help people navigate their grief with grace and compassion.

When working with clients, I always start by creating a sacred and protected space where we can communicate without any distractions or interference. I use a variety of techniques to connect with spirits, including meditation, visualization, and tarot cards. I believe that every reading is unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to connecting with the spirit world. Instead, I adapt my approach to each individual client and their specific needs.

During a reading, I often receive messages from spirits in the form of symbols, visions, or words. It is my job to interpret these messages and convey them to my client in a way that is both accurate and meaningful. I understand that many people come to me with a sense of skepticism or disbelief, and I always strive to provide evidence that is both specific and personal to the client.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is seeing the profound impact that it can have on people's lives. Many of my clients have reported feeling a sense of peace and closure after connecting with their loved ones in the spirit world. Others have found a renewed sense of purpose or direction in their lives after receiving guidance from spirits.

I believe that my work as a psychic medium is deeply rooted in compassion and empathy. I understand that grief can be a difficult and overwhelming experience, and I always strive to provide a safe and supportive space for my clients. I never judge or criticize anyone for their beliefs or experiences, and I always respect the boundaries and limitations of each individual.

In addition to providing individual readings, I also offer group sessions and workshops on spiritual development and psychic abilities. I believe that everyone has the potential to connect with the spirit world and that it is my role to help others discover and develop their own unique gifts.

I am committed to ongoing education and personal growth and regularly attend conferences, workshops, and seminars to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in my field. I also hold myself to the highest ethical standards and always prioritize the well-being and privacy of my clients.

Overall, my goal as a psychic medium is to help people find comfort, healing, and connection in the aftermath of loss. I believe that everyone deserves to have the opportunity to connect with their loved ones in the spirit world and that it is my role to facilitate that connection in a safe, supportive, and compassionate way.
Approach to Topics

I want to give you the best reading I can, so please allow at least 10-20 minutes for a reading, anything less is not enough for us to make a proper connection.

Testimonials are extremely important because others who need my specific help will read them and be encouraged to connect with me.

You can expect to be given advice and guidance from the Angel realms, and be given specific messages just for you. You will also receive healing from the guides after the reading both mentally and spiritually, plus maybe a laugh or two, who knows?
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