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Psychic kev
Psychic kev
Spirit Medium from the UK
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Psychic Medium over 20 years experience. Connection with Loved ones who have crossed over to the Spirit World.
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Think of the great mediums you see on the television- that is the style I work in.
I work with what I call 'the flow' I can only describe it as a wheel of vibrational energy , feelings, words , advice, comfort and prediction.
As I work with an energy separate from yours I don't control the message's.

Once I am in this flow cycle the information runs through me very fast, and its like I have to keep up with it to be able to share  the thoughts and feelings I get from it so I either talk or type very fast as to give you everything I am getting in your reading.

If I am stopped I can loose the energy, so its advisable to just let me get it out.

Sometimes you may want to talk to a certain person who has passed over to spirit, and I can try to make a link, but please bare in mind anyone can come through to you, so please do your research on your family members, friends that have passed before you leave feedback.

I am direct and compassionate, and try my best in every reading I do. Please appreciate that this is a hard thing to do sometimes so if I pause for a moment its because I'm making sure what I get is clear to me.

Call me with an open mind, with no bias , no underlying issues like hate or jealousy and the reading will be just what you need.

Be pure with your intent and you will get great information,  don't and it will not help you , so please be nice.

I am not a 5 star reader, if I was I would be perfect and I am not , reading is a artform that I still always learn from and enjoy and I do it to help all of you that need me when it's your time for guidance so please before you call think to yourself and say in your mind as a call to the spiritual world 'is kev the right reader for me' if you feel no resistance in feeling then call. if you are unsure then please try another time, realise that this connection will be a 3 way thing,  you, me, and the spirit world.

I have a sense of humour and tell you as I see things, and you may think during the reading 'what is he going on about!' If this happens you need to read or remember the reading at a later date and see what has happened during the time that has passed.

I care about you believe it or not and I always send little messages out to people I have met randomly when I feel the need to , not a lot of info but just enough for you at that time.

I look forward to meeting you.
Let's talk and sort this out.

If you are a reader on here please don't contact me , thank you.
My feedback talks for itself, I talk to the Spirits. Those who comment otherwise have no idea of what I do.

Approach to Topics

I want to give you the best reading I can, so please allow at least 10-20 minutes for a reading, anything less is not enough for us to make a proper connection.

Testimonials are extremely important because others who need my specific help will read them and be encouraged to connect with me.

You can expect to be given advice and guidance from the Angel realms, and be given specific messages just for you. You will also receive healing from the guides after the reading both mentally and spiritually, plus maybe a laugh or two, who knows?
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