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Psychic Medium Courtney
Psychic Medium Courtney
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I am an experienced, certified and authentic evidential Medium and Channel. I can clearly connect with your loved ones who have transitioned into non-physical, your guides, angels and the Ascended Masters.
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I am an experienced, certified and authentic evidential Channel Medium. I can clearly connect with your loved ones who have transitioned into non-physical, your guides, angels and the Ascended Masters.

I have been giving detailed and clear channeled mediumship readings for over 20 years, helping my clients to clearly connect with their loved ones and process their grief. Our loved ones area ALWAYS near, attempting to communicate with us in various ways, but because of blocks, fears, limiting beliefs you may not be able to receive these signs, messages, and downloads.

Yet they are ALWAYS with us, and never far away. Let me help you to connect and communicate clearly with your beloved soul tribe on the other side. I give evidence and bring through their messages with great accuracy, clarity, and detail.

***For Mediumship Readings, please have a minimum of 20 minutes available to adequately connect with your loved ones.***

These readings cannot, and should not, be rushed. This is a healing spiritual process and needs to be treated as such in order to obtain the strongest connection possible. Thank you.
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I am a compassionate and caring Channel Medium. I will call in your loved ones and share every detail of what they have to say with you. I LOVE doing this work because it brings so much peace and comfort to those of us who remain here on the Earth Plane to know that our loved ones are well, safe, and close by.

Let me help you to connect with your dear soulmates, friends, family members, pets, guides, angels and Ascended Masters.

I also channel Light Language for those who are interested in receiving this powerful healing modality to bring clarity and connection with your Inner Being.

I look forward to working with you.
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