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Clairvoyant, intuitive, caring, truthful, insightful spiritual sessions regarding love, career and family dynamics.
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Meditation and Grounding....
We have a huge curly Willow tree in the back yard. Our deck sits below it. So when I need to center and ground myself, this is where I go. I can credit a few Visions and intuitive insights to this Willow tree. I think this was probably an important reason we moved to this house years ago. It's a rare sight in this area. Anyways, the magical folklore around the weeping Willow always intrigued me, so I read up and learned a few things. I would like to share some interesting things about this tree. Native Americans used branches of the Willow to make dreamcatchers. It was also a pain reliever, and used in modern day aspirin today. Spiritually Willows symbolize protection by the Arapaho and I think I read this somewhere. Tribes believe this is a place to get visions and connect to Great Spirit. Proud mom of registered tribal member. Have a wonderful day.

I hope you will read this before calling. I am a spiritual messenger, clairvoyant and intuitive. Please excuse any background noise with my dog. Many times I take chat for this reason. I'm down to earth, yet spiritual, close to animals and nature. I'm a natural flow psychic reader. I start out general and as visions and intuition flows then I give more specific information. If I'm forced my abilities generally shut down, so I need a chance to connect to you. This is my goal as a reader; To see and reveal things I DO see that can't possibly be known without some psychic ability. If I don't see something I will tell you but do try confirm for you, that real psychic ability does exist. I'm a very down to earth, non judgmental but also a spiritual person. I've been a reader for about 17 years now and try to be as accurate as possible. I also believe only God is 100% :)
Approach to Topics
I reveal what comes to me and consider myself a clairvoyant messenger with some "gifts". About Timing, I will offer general timing estimates only, if I see them. Exact time frames are not my specialty and give them less frequently in my readings.

There are some awesome readers out there who use cards etc, but I generally don't use cards or tools myself. I prefer to use my abilities to gain insight. I truly believe when one door closes another one opens. Sometimes it's hard to see the happy time ahead when your going through a difficult situation. I understand this and strive to give optimistic yet accurate clarity on love, relationship, family and career concerns.

I have experience helping people with all types of family dynamics and unique situations and can deal with questions regarding love or moving choices, business ideas. Giving you insight, whether a relationship will become closer, or become more distant, if your job is long or short term etc or what career path to take. I will provide these answers at the best of my ability. Satisfaction matters and feedback is not required but appreciated. Thanks!
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