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r00tman's Paranormal Hotline & Virtual Séance provide a unique opportunity for those seeking answers and insight into paranormal matters.
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This authentic photo of r00tman for the Paranormal Hotline was taken in Kutná Hora. Being drawn to the spiritual side of life since a child, r00tman continued his development academically by earning advanced degrees in Philosophy & Religion. Of Eastern European heritage, he offers seekers insights through craft and Old World divination techniques. Operating under the pseudonym "r00tman," many have been curious as to its fourfold meaning: 1) Root is the basic cause, source, or origin of something. In his confidential sessions with seekers, he primarily uncovers the ultimate origin of the issue. 2) "Roots" as a type of Folk Magic, 3) The '00' is a reference to numerology, Sacred Geometry, and technological tools. The fourth meaning has to do with heritage and ancestor spirits.
Approach to Topics
r00tman's approach to paranormal concerns is rooted in the four classical elements: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. He utilizes the symbolism of these elements to provide insight into any paranormal activity his clients may experience.

For example, Fire is associated with passion, transformation, and the search for knowledge. When r00tman approaches a spiritual issue related to fiery energy, he helps his client understand how their passions can be used to bring about positive change and activate their potential for spiritual growth.

Earth embodies stability and abundance. When working with this element, r00tman encourages his clients to use grounding techniques such as meditation or mindfulness activities to become more aware of their strengths and resources which can help them make informed decisions about how to best address any concerns they may have.

Water is associated with emotionality, intuition, and creativity. This element is often connected with divine guidance and an understanding of one’s emotional needs. With water-related issues, r00tman helps his clients explore their inner selves by providing insights into how emotions affect their behavior so that they can make better choices for themselves going forward.

Air represents communication between humans and spirits as well as clairvoyance and other forms of divination. In cases where paranormal events occur due to air-based energy, r00tman helps individuals interpret signs they receive from the spiritual realm as well as take actionable steps towards achieving harmony with it.

r00tman's elemental approach allows him to work closely with clients in order to provide them with meaningful guidance when dealing with paranormal matters or life transitions—from intuitive insights into otherworldly phenomena to assistance during times of spiritual growth or transformation.
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