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Rev Adriana
Rev Adriana
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During a NEAR DEATH experience as a child, I received the gift of Clairvoyance directly from God. I will speak with your Guides and/or your loved ones who have passed, bringing clear information and messages on any subject.
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Written about in the Oakland Tribune when she was a child for the accuracy of her psychic predictions, Rev. Adriana (Felicia) Dominguez has now studied under world famous Mediums, James Van Praagh, Lisa Williams, Charles Virtue and others. Her natural gifts expanded into Mediumship (which is the ability to communicate with, hear and even see the our Loved Ones In Spirit who remain with us). She is a published author of true stories that have occurred in her life describing the numerous times Spirit has demonstrated as undeniably real and incredibly powerful. She loves hosting sessions with your passed loved ones in spirit, bringing them through clearly, in heartfelt, healing and beautiful conversations from heaven.
Approach to Topics
During your session Rev. Adriana will channel information directly from your Loved Ones in Spirit who have moved on from this world to the next. In addition to your reading, Rev. Adriana is uniquely connected to and will invoke Spirit's capabilities on your behalf to supernaturally assist you in whatever challenges or concerns you may be facing. Rev. Adriana encourages interaction and makes sure all your questions are answered. Her messages from Spirit provide evidence that your deceased loved ones remain with you. Her messages are delivered with clarity, love, compassion and a deep faith that summons the strongest, most capable energies to communicate with you. Through Rev. Adriana, you will receive love, support, direction & clear messages from your loved ones in spirit who are close to Source as they communicate from their expanded perspective on the other side. You will also have the unique opportunity to request and obtain special assistance from your Spiritual Support Team (which include Source, your Angels and Guides) who, from their position of expanded consciousness, possess what we view on earth as super-natural capabilities.
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