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Alice Runyon
Alice Runyon
Clairvoyant-High-Priestess, Seer of Truth & Energy
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Are you destined to be together? Is this a past Life connection? What's you're purpose together? Why are you in each other's Life? I can tell you all this by tuning in to your NAMES & seeing clearly the answer to your souls'.
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When I was Going to church I was a young teenager, 13yrs old it all started, girl's way way older then me would come & ask me if they would get engaged or why they broke up? if they are with the right partners? I used to tell them exactly & it would Happen. So many of the girls got married because of my Natural predictions, they are Happily married now for years. My uncle used to ask me Business Questions all the time. I always had a 6th Sense when I went to big big dinner events, I would see clearly who's sleeping with whom. It would shock me, I was seeing & knowing things way before I realized how Truly & Naturally Psychic & Gifted I am from God & the pure Light /Love Guiding me always. I am here to Help you see clearly :) & understand what's truly going on in you'r life so you can get answers.
I am born with "The Gift" of Clairvoyance. I have been a psychic for a thousand years. I am a natural born Psychic, I was telling family members very personal things when I was a child and they were always shocked like, "how does this kid know?". I see spirits and loved ones after they pass on & talk to them. My Gift is very vast, I can even do exorcisms and take negative entities out of people. I am an ancient soul here to bring Light & channel higher wisdom, I've known that from a very young age. I used to see a bright bright Light come on when I used to pray as a kid. I only live and work for the High Pure Light.
Approach to Topics
I see clear visions & insights of exactly whats going on & tune into the thoughts & psyche of your partner. LOVE is the highest vibration in the Universe, when we feel it we want to share it with our partners, & others. Love is contagious :) Love creates joy, Beauty, Harmony, when you love you are Happy. I'll help you Heal the Love & work-out whatever is going on with your situation including Business, Family & Friends. Through Clear Visions with the Light you can understand whats going on with You & Love & you're partner. By bringing in Pure Light I Will show you the way to clear your Karma together so you can have a Happier life on this earth through clarity & Understanding. Love is the only way the highest pure Light :)
Thank you - I Love You :)
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