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I'm guided by Spirit to help you find the answers you need.You don't have to walk thru the darkness alone.Let us be your light and hope because sometimes that's all we need is a little hope,a helping hand thru life and love.
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I am an empath but a child of God first and foremost. I give all my thanks to my creator for without Him I wouldn't be able to have these wonderful gifts to help so many people.Yes I'm a Christian witch. He is my rock and foundation but I love mother nature and everything she has to offer. I've always wanted to be able to help people but never expected it to be in this way but it is my path and my journey to help others who are in pain or feel alone like they're in the dark just wondering when someone is going to show up. Or feeling so heartbroken that it is hard to breathe. We can get you through it. Because I have been through it and I want to help you learn how to live again and love yourself again. Let's start healing and hoping ๐Ÿ™
Approach to Topics
My approach is quite simple. I always always connect with Spirit/God before answering any questions. He is my foundation and my strength. He made me an empath because He knew I could help people and that is my only intentions. To help heal, grow, to learn love yourself again. Without self love it is impossible to love anything or anyone else. In being able to love yourself truly then the rest tends to follow. And yes I use chakras as well because I understand everyone has different preferences so this is another way to help plant your roots as I have mine in Jesus. But of course to each their own. I also do sometimes use tarot or angel cards to confirm when someone's energy is so overwhelming that I can't see past it. I am a very positive person and I will do my very best to try and uplift you and give you some of my strength I get from Spirit but I also am not naive in understanding that some people just want to spread negative energy and dump it but that's okay because I will pray for your healing and light candles for you all the same as I would anyone else who needs help. I will be patient and understanding but there are healthy boundaries I have set in place. Yes I will pray for you and try to help you but if need be I will do it from a distance. Because I reserve the right to protect my own soul and energy. Then after that it's between you and Spirit lol. So blessings to everyone and I hope you choose me to help you even if you feel all alone or in the dark please let us be your light and a helping hand of hope. Because that's all we really need is just that tiny bit of hope right? When it feels like it's too much and you can't keep going. It's just too much weight for you. Give us your hand and we'll help back up and carry that weight like Jesus carried the cross for us. Hope, compassion and love is what you will find on my page with us!!!! And I dislike that I have to say this but please no health, legal or sexual questions. Also Spirit doesn't always share His timings with me. And again we will do our very best to help you but abuse and continued negativity will be prohibited. So please always be kind or at least let us help you try otherwise I do reserve the right to block said energy and protect my own soul and energy. Also while I have my promotion going just to make sure it is clear it is 3 free minutes if you spend and pay for 5 minutes. One time only and any other free minutes does not count in the 5 minutes. All 5 minutes must be paid for and again one time only, only in one chat session! Thank you. Love and Light to all regardless!!! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
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