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Celestial Inspirations
Celestial Inspirations
Psychic Medium, 50 years experience. No Tools!
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Passionate and Compassionate! I will NOT lie or PRETEND to see things that do not exist. I am here to help make your life Better. One call can start to change it all.
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My name is Kelly,

I have Over 50 years’ experience as an Intuitive. Seer, Empath and Problem Solver. I get my information directly from God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. "I am Spiritual, Not Religious"

Equally experienced with the Paranormal / Supernatural world to include ET's. In Partnership with Spirit I am able to remove unwanted demonic presences.

Blessed 20 + years ago with the ability to transfer energy to the injured, (Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually) to remove blocks and help heal the wounds, inside and out. "Reiki Master"

Over the years I have used all my gifts to help others overcome hardships of all kinds. It is a privilege to be able to offer you assistance in anyway I can.

With that being said, thankyou for understanding. I do not use my gifts to spy on others and or for entertainment purpose's.

Approach to Topics
My Life Purpose is to bring PEACE, COMFORT and UNDERSTANDING to all your situations. With me, there is no such thing as a "Stupid" question and nothing to be “Embarrassed” about or “Ashamed” of.

As an advisor, I can only give you information and spiritually make recommendations in partnership with Spirit. I / we cannot control a situation and timing is up to free will.

Another person's actions will always speak louder then words.

Please understand "As a Healer, my services are not to be used for entertainment purposes, which includes spying on your friends"

Working with Spirit, it is my job to maintain my INTEGRITY and deliver ONLY the TRUTH to include the Good, the Bad and or the Ugly. I am here to be apart of the SOLUTION, not the PROBLEM and will deliver all information as delicately as it is given to me by Spirit.

Please note:
I DO NOT OFFER GENERAL READINGS or TWIN FLAME READINGS. My gifts as a medium are solely used to connect with the Spirit of God to obtain answers to your thoughts, questions and concerns.

All though I would like to, I DO NOT GUARANTEE TIMING. Honestly, No one can. Why, because each of us has Choice of Free Will. However, I WILL provide you with the timeline as it is given to me at the time of our call.

Note: Before you call an Adviser, please understand there are certain rules regarding what we can and cannot offer advice on. Questions about Legal, Medical, Pregnancy, Lottery, Gambling, Financial Investments and Real-Estate are to be avoided as they are not allowed by Keen.

Much Love and Many Blessings ...

Endorsed Strengths
  • Helpful · 98
  • Honest · 98
  • Detailed · 96
  • Kind · 96
  • Accurate · 91
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